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5 Themes Of Geography

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5 Themes of



There are two types of location. There is Absolute location witch is the exact location that something is located. You can find this location be finding the latitude and longitude of a place.

The other kind of location is Relative location. This is how a certain place is related to another place. You can figure this out by what it has in common with other locations. Such as School Districts, Rivers, Landmarks ect.

Rogers Elk River


There are also two types of places. The first type is Human characteristics. You can figure out the type of place it is by the types of buildings, if there’s pollution, the population ect.

The other kind of place is physical. You can determine the physical traits by looking at the rivers, mountains, animal life ect. around this area.

Human-Environmental Interactions

There are three ways you can classify Human-Environmental Interaction. The first is if Humans adapt to the environment. An example of this is when people use rivers to transport themselves and goods.

Another way you can classify Human-Environmental Interaction is if Humans modify the Environment. This can be done by making roads, or runways for planes.

The third way you can classify this is if Human’s depend on the environment. You can observe this by seeing if they take food from an area to feed their family and friends around them.


There are many ways Human’s use movement in their daily lives. If you get out of bed in the morning you are using movement. If you have a job or ride a bus to school that is also movement.

Not only humans move. Animals also move, along with many other things. One example of something other then humans or animals that moves is Ideas. Ideas always move, because if someone had an idea they might send it to a company who might make a new tool out of it or fashion might be made out of another idea.


A Region is the basic study in Geography. A region is an area that displays a coherent unity in terms of the government, language, or possibly the landform. There are two main types of Regions. The first type of Region is the Formal Region. This means that it is defined by government or Administrative boundaries. An example of a formal region is the United States.

Another example of a Region is a Functional Region. This is a region that is defined by a function. Some Example’s of Functional Region’s are Newspaper Service Areas, United Airlines Service Areas.

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