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Adolf Hitler, a powerful and smart man, came very close to conquering Europe. At one time Hitler controlled every country in Europe except for Russia. Hitler felt very confident in his army, Nazi, so he decided to take a huge risk in attacking the last country in Europe that’s not under his control, Russia.

The battle was intense. The Nazi had more battle tanks, machine guns, and of course, more soldiers. The Nazi went past the Russia’s boundary line and kept on attacking with modern and powerful weapons. Despite the overwhelming power that Hitler had, Russia still managed to win the battle. How? It’s simple. When the Nazi pushed Russia to the far west side of their country, they decide they could not back down no longer, for if they do, the Nazis would be attacking their capital. Russia asked China and nearby countries for help, and they did their best to support Russia. Russia put the main troops at the boundary line which Hitler had been trying to get over. The battle continued for many days, neither side seemed to shown any weakness. Finally when Russia realized their army just wasn’t strong enough, they backed down into Russia. Of course, the Nazi army followed, there another battle occurred. When the Nazi needed food and weapons, they contacted the main camp where all the equipments were stored. The main camp then sent hundreds of trucks and tanks to the needed place. However, lucky for the Russians, the temperature was very low at the time. When the trucks and the tanks were halfway to the battle camp, their gasoline froze, which stopped them at their tracks. The Nazis were very frustrated. Because of this, Hitler commanded his army to retreat. The Russians were born and raised in this kind of weather, so they were very costumed to it. In fact they had a good idea. The soldiers that knew how to ski were given a pair of skis. They traveled swift and fast caught up with the German army in no time. Because German wasn’t prepared, all of them were killed. The main camp of the Nazi was easily destroyed by the troops from all over the world. Therefore World War 1 ended. The war lasted from 1914-1918.

In the four years that Hitler ruled, everything was a disaster. Hitler wanted to get rid of the problems in the race world; by doing so, he caused more problems. Hitler wanted a “pure” breed. His “pure” breed had to have natural blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyone who did not fit that description might be killed or kicked out of the country. The funny thing was that he himself does not fit the description, and he wasn’t even from German.

When Hitler was losing the war, and losing power, he blamed everything on the Jewish people. He claimed that they somehow put a curse on things. At first, it was just little insults, like Jewish people had big noses. Then came the discrimination, people began to look Jewish people differently. Discrimination lead to genocide, a slow planned process of exterminating the religious group.

Every Jews the Germans could find were pulled out of their houses. Their properties were all been taken away. The Jews were then shipped to a “jail” known as “Death Camp”. Few people were alerted about the situation, and ran away. Most of the Jews were brought to the Death camp and killed. It was a painful time. Barely anyone looked Jews as humans; they were looked as rats, or insects, maybe even lower. Death camp was a painful place. Jews there were gassed or shot for making the smallest mistakes. The foods served from there were filled with insects, and had mostly gone bad. Men were forced to do hard labor in limited time, and women were slaves that worked continuously without breaks. There were a few who survived out of the death camps, and lived to tell the story. Now in the modern days, things like genocide do not exist anymore in organized countries, so when people hear about such cruel things, they tend not to believe it. As a matter of fact, genocides, similar to Holocaust, are still happening around the world, mainly countries that are not well organized. Such as Africa, or Sudan.

Genocide is a very cruel thing to do, and can be done easily by a single person with power. If we all know what genocide can do, and all stand up to it, we can stop it from occurring.


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