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I became one of the founders of Fascism in Italy and I was credited for it. As power rose right at my fingertips, I became the leader of the National Fascist Party then, the Prime Minister of Italy. You may wonder, “How does he become Prime Minster of Italy?” Well, on the month of October 27th -29th of 1922, I lead my Fascist Party to a march into Rome to overthrow the Prime Minister, King Victor Emmanuel III. On October 28th, we reached Rome and sadly, he refused to hand the power over to me. To overthrow him, the military, the business class, and the liberal right wing supported me all the way. For years of being Prime Minister, I began a foreign policy to shift my country from a pacifist anti imperialism to nationalism and taking over the Mediterranean. We also wanted the country Ethiopia, so I set my country for an invasion. My military forces were far superior to the Abyssinian forces, especially in air forces and were soon declared victors. The cowardice of the Emperor, Haile Selassie, was forced to flee the country, while my country was entering the capital, Addis Ababa, to claim an Empire by May 1936 making Ethiopia part of the Italian East Africa. After controlling most countries, I became a dictator of Germany.

On the way to gaining more power, I met another dictator from Germany named Adolf Hitler. We instantly became allies during a Munich conference. I learnt that he was the founder of the Nazi party. He also was on his way capturing most of the countries in Europe, but when he started to invade Poland, all hell broke loose and war started. My country was allies with Germany along with Japan, so we also went to war with Great Britain, Russia, and the U.S. During the war, the U.S. was well on their way to Sicily to invade Germany. So we fought, until the Americans were defeating my army. The “Axis” is what they call us, were being defeated by the Allies, and I was losing my power in Italy. The Fascist government turned against me, and arrested me then for the loss in war. I was waiting for my death sentence while they replaced me with a new leader, Pietro Badoglio. Two months later on September 13th, 1943 I was rescued by German Special Forces to lead Northern Italy during war. After leading and was under the control of Hitler, it was time for me to escape from the people that arrested me. So I tempted and escape to Spain while these scoundrels of the communist party caught me and my mistress, Clara Petacci. We were both arrested and waited for our death sentence. The war was over, the Americans won.

I impacted America by being in World War II in the first place where my country was allied with Germany, also creating the first Fascist government in Italy. Some Americans believe that fascism was the answer to end the Great Depression. My idea of fascism led America’s president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, used the basic programs of fascism and were implemented in the New Deal, where it helped America from the Great Depression. The American State Department even praised that my Italian Fascist Party was brilliant saying, “It brought order out of chaos, discipline out of license, and solvency out of bankruptcy." The use of Fascism in the United States made a role in creating stability, having the government in the development in their national economy, and providing security for the middle class citizens. The State Department praised me even more saying that they will hold close to the idea of Fascism because of its anti- Communist policies.

After the war President Eisenhower commissioned the building of Federal highways, the G.I. Bill sent thousands of venerated soldiers to college and the government poured money into large government contracts with businesses. The government aided millions of American in buying their first homes. The biggest American fascism during the early years was the middle class. The KKK also used the idea of fascism then, when they were attacking the people that were black, communists, homosexuals, atheists, and liberals. The whole idea of fascism is control of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of nationalism and racism, also with dictatorship. They took my idea by using racism and terror to eliminate certain types of people that didn’t meet up to their standards.

The way I impacted America was the way they used my idea of Fascism and how I went to war since I was allies with Germany. The way that America used fascism was important because it caused to end the Great Depression. The Americans viewed me as a successful way to deal with the depression. If the idea never existed, America would be suffering and would never be able to have the Lend- Lease Policy for Great Britain during the World War II.

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