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Jfk Conspiracy Theory

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Conspiracy Theory

I believe the government plotted the JFK assassination. Why would they do this? I do not know. I do know that the evidence proves the government did it. The special ops being shipped to the South Pole, the shot from the grassy knoll, and the change in the parade route is some of the evidence presented to the public, causing the reasons for conspiracy theories. The government used Lee Harvey Oswald as a scapegoat and for the United States public to blame it on.

A few weeks before the parade, the government shipped the special agents that would have directed the parade to the South Pole. This was a pointless task that the government did to cause the area to be “unsafe” to the president. They did it to get them out of the way so the government could do what they had to for the president to be killed. If the Special Agents had been there, they would have taken weeks to scope the area, put snipers in windows, and place special agents in the crowd to make sure nothing happened there. Their responsibility would have been to make the area safe for the president to be in. Instead, the government took over and purposely planned the route of the parade so the president would be shot.

Another piece of evidence was the parade route. The route was changed from being in a complete straight line to a route with a turn in it that would have made the car drop under 10 MPH allowing Oswald to get a shot. The special agents would not have let the car JFK was riding in to drop below 10 MPH and would not have had the curve during the parade. If the car goes under 10 MPH, it allows someone to get a decent shot at JFK. The straight away during the parade, where he was shot, the car was also going slow, allowing Oswald to get a good shot at him.

In order for the event to be a conspiracy, there would have to be more than one shooter. There is thought to be a shooter, Oswald in the building and another, in the grassy knoll near where the parade was. When he was shot the first time, the bullet went right through his back, at the angle of where Oswald was. The second shot hit him in his head from a different angle. When he was shot, his head jolted to the right, backwards. Oswald was behind JFK, so if he shot him in the head, his head should have jolted forward. The only explanation for this is that there was another shooter in the grassy knoll. The bullet that hit him in the head came from the knoll. The two shooters, proves the conspiracy.

The JFK assassination is arguably the most controversial event in American history. The illusion of Lee Harvey Oswald doing the killing was simply for the American public to have someone to blame. All of the theories have a valid argument but I believe this argument shows the most conclusive evidence.

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