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Walking Across Egypt

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I am twenty three, unemployed, and living with my mom. What more is there to say? I used to have this perfect job making just the right amount of money, but I guess that wasn’t enough for me. I quit my job because it wasn’t enough money. Now that I look back, It was a lot more than I have now. I was a telesales agent for T-mobile “where you always get more”, and it made a decent living for me. Most people thought that when I said “telesales”, that it meant that I was a “telemarketer”. No I was far from a telemarketer; the customer did the hard part for us. They would call in and say “hey I want a phone with a line of service”, and we would set that up for them. Now how hard is that? It was hard for me, because when I started there they said that we would be bringing incentives home by the bucketfuls. I was bringing mine home by the handfuls! I guess I just wasn’t cut out for that place. So I quit on a bad note with them, and left myself looking for another job.

I used to work at Wendy’s, which is where I found all of my friends. My best friend and I decided to move into this duplex off of twenty third street in Loveland. At one point there were 5 girls (my friends of course) living under one roof with one bathroom. That can be a mess in itself. We all had some good times together. We ended up getting in a fight with one, the other two found a place of their own, and that left me and my best friend to fend for ourselves. We lived there for about 6 more months before the whole quitting my job put us where we are now. We are proudly at my moms’ house. Well it’s not that bad now that I think about it. We pay two hundred a month to my mom for rent (by the way my mom makes a decent six digit salary). We have all the food we ever wanted along with free utilities, and Dish Network. It’s a rough life for me.

Living with my mom gives me time to catch up on my schooling. I am going to Front Range for Computer Information Systems. I am trying to get all of my prerequisites out of the way first. I can’t do anymore of my computer classes until I get all the way up to college algebra. I took English 121 last year but I had to do a withdraw/fail because of a careless mistake. I accidentally forgot to cite all of my sources on a paper I wrote, so the teacher thought I was plagiarizing. I am not the best writer in the world, but I try to be the best writer in my world. The only online writing I have done is called chatting. That’s when you abbreviate simple sentences together and it supposedly makes sense to the person on the other end. In English 090 I was pretty good at all the writing assignments, but I wasn’t so good at squeezing in the busy work that we also had to do. I am taking this class online because it might help me concentrate better when I am not sitting in front of other people. I am also taking it online because it is a long walk from Masonville to Fort Collins.

I might be twenty three, unemployed, and living with my mom, but if that’s all it takes to get me back on my feet, then I’ll take it. Life is hard in a lot of ways but if we didn’t make mistakes we wouldn’t have anything to learn from. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but none of those pushed me in the wrong direction. Life is like walking across Egypt, sooner or later you will either get there, or you won’t.

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