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Cien AсOs De Soledad

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Cien Aсos de Soledad

1. Cien aсos de soledad, Gabriel Garcнa Mбrquez, 1967

2. Josй Arcadio Buendнa- The founder of Macondo. He is a very reserved person; he doesn’t talk with anyone and likes to be alone. Even though he is solitary he is strong- willed and extremely curios. What he most believes in is everyone knowing practical knowledge. In the end he becomes crazy, so crazy the he start to speak in tongues and must be tied to a tree. He starts to go insane when he believes that the same day is repeating itself and that time overlaps from past present and future so that his ghost will always be in Macondo.

3. Melquнades- He is the gypsy to bring all these new ides to Buendia. He befriends Jose Arcadio Buendia. To buendia Melquнades is a person full of knowledge and he is like his mentor. Melquнades continues to do this until he dies in Macondo.

4. The main character would describe Mar Vista High as his utopia because he believed in practical knowledge. He would think that we would be following his method of thinking. He would also imagine this was Macondo if everything were to be successful.

5. The setting in the novel is a made town called Macondo. At first Macondo is a very peaceful town with no outer connections with other cities. Then as people start interacting with other towns a whole problem begins with civil wars and disagreements.

6. I believe the Jose Arcadio Buendia changes the most because at first he is a person who has a vision of the future for the people, but then he starts going on the time theory and believes his spirit will always stay in Macondo due to the overlapping of time.

7. The conflict in the story doesn’t really apply to the main character it affects his future generations, but he is the one who begun the whole situation. Jose Arcadio Buendнa though the whole would benefit from knowledge when the gipsy brought objects and concepts to him he was mesmerized by them and wanted his town interact these ideas. This brought the whole town to a complete dystopia.

8. The cover art of the book is just a vine type plant with leaves; I like the cover art only because characters aren’t drawn and that way you can have your own idea of how someone looks. I think the cover just stands for all the generations that have passed.

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