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The Color Purple

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Setting: 1910-1940 The time period of this book is never clearly expressed.

It never refers to any factual events. There are no dates, little sense of the passage of time, and very few mentions of characters’ ages. The location of this book is rural Georgia. The majority of this book takes place on a farm. Throughout this book there are a lot of very poor houses.

Celie: She is the main character of this book. She is at first treated badly by her father and if forced to have sex with him when her mother falls ill. She has to take on the responsibilities of her mother when she dies. Celie later has two children, by her father, Olivia and Adam, and a husband Albert whom she refers to as Mr. ______.

Nettie: Nettie is Celie’s younger sister. She is the first person to love Celie. She is very smart and very intelligent. Mr.____ wanted to marry Nettie but her father wouldn’t let him. She goes to Africa to help take care of Celie’s children.

Mr. ___: His first name is Albert. He is Celie's husband and treats her very poorly by beating her and making her work like a slave. He is in love with Shug Avery, and he brings Shug to his house when she gets ill.

Shug Avery: Shug is a singer who makes a great deal of money from her performances. She is loved by both Albert and Celie and is the first person to ever love Celie after Nettie leaves. Shug helps Celie first find love and gives her the strength to leave Albert.

Harpo: Harpo is Mr.___’s oldest son. He falls in love with Sophia and marries her. Harpo spends a lot of time trying to get Sophia to obey him the way Celie obeys his father, but she ends up beating him worse. Harpo eventually sets up a juke joint in his first house.

Sofia Butler: Sophia is Harpo's wife and a very strong character. She does not let anyone beat her or slap her.

Plot Summary: This story starts out as Celie as a young 14 year old girl who is forced to grow up quickly by the death of her mother. He father forces her to have sex with him and she later has 2 children by him and he gives them away. She gets married to a man who originally wanted her sister. She meets Shug who her husband Mr.____ is in love with and she too falls in love with her. Her sister Nettie writes Celie letters but Mr.___ hides them from her. She decides to leave him and go live with Shug. She then finds out that her father isn’t really her father and that her real father was lynched by white men. She inherits his house and starts her own business making pants. She is then reunited with her sister.


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