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Courtney Denbow

The Color Purple

In the novel by Alice Walker, The Color Purple , Celie finds out that beauty is not real unless it is first found within, so that that beauty felt can reflect for others to see. [Celie went through traumatic struggles before she ever felt beautiful starting with the treatment of influential men in her life. Although she felt more connection with women in her life, her early encounters with Shug greatly accounted for her self worth at the time. However, Celie could not be beautiful to others unless she found beauty within herself, for herself.]

For the majority of the novel, Celie was never told she was or could be beautiful by men, she was told how much of nothing she was to them. Beauty was something Celie learned was for women who enjoyed having sex, something for women who had confidence, which was something she could never feel for herself. She was constantly mis treated and told what to do by men like her father and Albert. The book opens with her being raped by her father. He tells her to tell nobody but God, and she begins to be scared of saying no to men, she feels she needs to take the abuse, Celie would be wood because wood does not feel pain. Her father dominates and makes Celie feel like she was bad, like she did something to deserve this. She felt she was worth little because she should allow her father to do thing like this to her. She felt controlled, dominated and therefore subordinate to men. Her self worth had gone from little down to nothing, and she was told by her father how ugly she was.

Not only had her father told her she was ugly, Shug Avery also took it into her own hands when attempting to make Celie feel ugly. Celie began to feel even worse when she first met Shug Avery, and the excitement she had to see Shug, was ruined as a dark shadow hovered over Celie, making her feel more ugly than she had ever thought. Shug Avery was spoken about by Albert like some kind of Goddess. She was the epitome of beauty for Celie because Albert had spoken about her so fondly. However when Shug first came to the house, and Celie wanted to change her dress, and clean herself up to look good when she saw the famous Shug, the first thing Shug said when she looked at Celie, cackling was You sure is ugly . Not only did Celie feel her smile turn to a frown, she felt horrid about herself. Somebody she hoped to like her so bad, calling her ugly and laughing about it as if it was nothing. However, Shug s confidence and the attractiveness Shug reflected caused Celie to, for the first time begin to feel emotion, something she would not allow herself to feel before. The confidence Shug attained, attracted Celie, and she began to feel sensually toward Shug.

That sensuality toward Shug led Celie to begin to feel better about herself, and find her true beauty within. The beauty within that Celie found, transformed her and the people around her. When Celie realizes that Shug is beautiful because of her confidence, and Shug tried to tell Celie about her God, and what she sees God in. She said she saw God in nature, all around, everywhere, in the color purple in pure nature. Celie began to feel the God Shug was speaking about, and with that she began to feel more independent and confident with herself emotionally. Confidence is what Celie was so attracted to in Shug, and now that she was beginning to become more confident, she began to feel more happy, and that beauty of confidence and happiness reflected off of her, making her feel and seem more beautiful to many. She was finally being told she was a beautiful person, and feeling she was beautiful as well.

Beauty cannot be something seen, it must be something felt. To feel that beauty however, it cannot come from the eye of somebody else, it must come from the heart of the person. Beauty is only acknowledged when a person, like Celie begins to gain in touch feelings with herself, and that confidence, independence and beauty will glow, allowing others to clearly see.

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