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Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson is a story that most everyone can relate to and understand. It takes the complex corporate world, and breaks it down into a simple version that even a child could understand. The story of Sniff, Scurry, Hem, and H ...

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Why Are Biology Books Written With The Main Idea Of Evolution

Question: Why are biology books written as if everyone believes in evolution? I am a creationist, and I am offended by the way the text is written. I haven't taken biology for three years because the last text I read made fun of creationists as people ...

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Why Didn'T You Get Me Out?

WHY DIDN’T YOU GET ME OUT? Interpersonal Communications WHY DIDN’T YOU GET ME OUT? “ Why Didn’t You Get Me Out”, by Frank Anton. This book was ab ...

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Why Does Frankenstein Begin And End With Walton’S Letters?

Why does Frankenstein begin and end with Walton’s letters? Victor Frankenstein is a scientist whose ambition will be fatal. His story is central to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Nevertheless, Shelley gave a frame to Victor’s tale as Frankenste ...

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Why Go To College

My purpose and goals in attending college is to make something out of my life. No one wants to be a nobody, but sometimes it takes time in order for one to realize this. Upon graduation from high school I had no clue and was dumbfounded in what I was goin ...

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Why Me

My heart was racing, sweat rolling down the inside of my arms, my body throbbing, a million different thoughts cascading through my mind. What was I going to do? Who is this guy? What is he doing? Why is he doing this? These were the questions that I kept ...

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Why Organics?

I used to think about organic foods and wonder: “Why do people eat that over-priced, dirty stuff.” Whenever I would see someone at a grocery store who would buy organic foods at a substantially higher price, I would think to myself “Why? Why are y ...

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Why Read Why Read?

Why read Why Read? I really kind of got sucked into “Why Read” by Mark Edmunson by surprise, literary criticism is not my fortes, and I've never really fully understood the critical approach properly enough to get a good cohesive paper written. I a ...

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Why Shouldn'T I Work For The N.S.A

Why shouldn't I work for the N.S.A.? That's a tough one, but I'll give it a shot. Say I'm working at N.S.A. Somebody puts a code on my desk, something nobody else can break. So I take a shot at it and maybe I break it. And I'm real happy with myself, 'cau ...

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Why The Book &Quot;Night&Quot; Is Called That

Why is “Night” Called Night? Night is a book about a boy experiencing the Holocaust. But then why does the title seems to have no relation to the Holocaust? The simple word “Night” can mean anything, it could be a metaphor, or a “meta-more”; ...

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