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MGMT 4327 Notes-for Test #2- Ch # 4-8 Date: __July 17th 2006

Chapter 4

75 Personality. Represents the overall combination of characteristics that capture the unique nature of a person as that person reacts and interacts with others.

75.Personality combines a set of physical and mental characteristics that reflect how a person looks, thinks, acts, and feels.

An understanding of personality contributes to the understanding of organization behavior, in that we expect a predictable interplay between an individual’s personality and his or her tendency to behave in a certain way.

As the determined and of personality, in garment consists of cultural, social, and situational factors.

77 Self-esteem and self-efficacy are two related aspects of the self-concept.

People high and self-esteem see themselves as capable, worthwhile, an acceptable, and tend to have few doubts about themselves.

78.Social traits are surface-level traits that reflect the way a person appears to others when interacting in various social settings.

The “big five” personality traits include extraversion, agreeableness, conscientious, emotionally stable, and openness to experience.

Extraversion is a “big file” personality the mansion, that is associated with being imaginative, curious, and broad minded.

79.Personal conception traits represent the way individuals tend to think about their social and physical setting as well as their major beliefs and personal orientation concerning a range of issues.

The extent to which a person feels able to control his or her own life is concerned with a person’s internal-external orientation and is measured by Rotter’s, locus of control instrument.

81.Someone who views and manipulates others purely for personal gain has a Machiavellian personality.

Self-monitoring reflects a person’s ability to adjust his or her behavior to an external, situational (environmental) factors

82.Individuals with a Type A orientation are characterized by impatience, desire for achievement, and perfectionism.

Values are broad preferences concerning appropriate course of action or outcome.

83.Terminal values refer to a person's preferences concerning the ends to be achieved.

84.Courageous, Loving, Logical, and Independent are examples of an instrumental value.

In Allport’s classification of human values, aesthetic values referred to the interest in beauty, form, and aesthetic harmony

88.Demographic characteristics are the background variables that help shape what a person becomes.

Stereotype occurs when one thinks of an individual as belonging to a group or category, and the characteristics commonly associated with the group or category are assigned to the individual in question.

Chapter five

100.Perception, attitudes, and impression management are becoming increasingly important for managers and their followers.

Perception is the process through which people select, organize, interpret, retrieve, and respond to information from their environment.

101. The following statements about perception are accurate: Through perception, people process information inputs into responses involving feelings, Perception is a way of forming impressions about oneself, other people, and daily life experiences, Perceptions serve as a screen or filter through which information passes before it has an effect on people, Through perception, people process information inputs into responses involving action

104.The following statements, described the attention and selection stage of the perception process: Our senses are constantly bombarded with so much information that if we don't screen it, we quickly become incapacitated with information overload, .Screening of information can occur through controlled processing, .Screening of information can occur by consciously deciding what information to pay attention to and what information to ignore, .Selective screening of information lets in only a tiny portion of all the available information.

104.Schemas are cognitive frameworks that represent organized knowledge about a given concept or stimulus that is developed through experience.

106._Schemas make(s) it difficult for people to remember things not included in them.

107. The following are some of the common perceptual distortions mentioned in the textbook: Stereotype., Selective perception., Self-fulfilling prophecy, Prototype.

108.A Halo effect occurs when one attribute of a person or situation is used to develop an overall impression of the individual or situation.

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