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Ethics Awareness Paper

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Awareness and the ability to analyze ones personal and professional ethics is an essential aspect for adults in today’s highly competitive and specialized business world. This paper will interpret the results of the Ethics Awareness Inventory, explain how the educational experience has influenced my own ethical thinking, describe how I apply my own ethics in thinking and decision-making, and how I attempt to cope with people and situations that offer differing interpretations of ethical behavior.

The Ethics Awareness Inventory provides unique insight into my own ethical perspective. This tool enables me to understand my perceived ethical perspective, compared to the results of the inventory analysis. The following graphic represents the results of my profile upon conclusion of the inventory questionnaire.



MOST 6 8 8 2

LEAST 2 5 6 11


Results Analysis

The above scoring summary indicates a blended ethical perspective. According to the summary, if ones secondary score is within a point or two of the primary score then “…(a) you are experiencing an internal conflict in attempting to function in two distinguishable moral realms, or (b) your ethical style is a blend of two categories” (University of Phoenix, 2003). Based upon my own beliefs, understanding of my management style, and ethical perspective, I believe that my ethical perspective is a blend of two of more categories. I have the ability to look at situations from a variety of perspectives and choose a path that accommodates more than just me. I tend to look at problems holistically and attempt to find a solution that benefits the company, its employees, and the company’s customers.

The inventory analysis states the following with respect to a person holding a high degree of character.

You believe that ethics relies on the ability of individuals to make sound moral judgments. You do not believe that it is enough to comply with some preset standards or principles of right and wrong to find the solution to a complex ethical dilemma. Ethics relies on exemplary character to make the difficult choices. You value such qualities as honesty, wisdom, and integrity and you place greater emphasis on demonstrating these qualities than on following the rules. You believe that an individual would be incapable of choosing between conflicting rules or standards of right and wrong without already possessing good character. Your approach to ethics calls for developing practical wisdom within individuals to serve as the basis for ethical decision-making. Your ethical style compels you to strive to be a person of wisdom and integrity (University of Phoenix, 2003).

Many of the items stated above, closely describe my personal beliefs. Strong character and integrity are essential elements to make sound personal and professional decisions. Without these traits, individuals can struggle to make tough decisions consistently.

Because I work in a cultural and gender diverse office, I believe in approaching the use of ethics and the decision-making process with an open mind. Individuals that attempt to apply one set of principles to a wide range of people and personalities will invariably force a decision that does not account for differences that should be considered during the decision-making process.

Furthermore, I find that it is important to understand that people have differing perspectives and ideals of what is considered ethical behavior. In situations that offer differing opinions of what is considered ethical behavior I need to analyze the situation and determine the best course of action based upon the situation.

Educational Impact

My personal educational experience at UOP has given me greater wisdom, awareness, and appreciation for learning. Since I believe that ones ethical perspectives are based upon learning and ones environment, the educational experience has enhanced my personal and professional ethics.

As ethics and ethical dilemmas are forever present in our daily lives, it is important to understand how individuals apply their own personal and professional ethics when faced with making a decision. Secondarily, everyone must allow for differences in opinion and application of ethics in society.


The Williams Institute for Ethics and Management, (2003). University of Phoenix. Retrieved Feb. 26, 2006, from Ethics Awareness Inventory Web site:

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