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Harrah'S Swot Analysis For The Tunica Area

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I. Situation Analysis/ SWOT

A. Strengths-

1. Grand Casino Tunica is a large resort and gaming venue. It has an event center that can seat up to 2400 guests during a headlining show. Grand Casino Resorts has three hotels: the Veranda, the Terrace, and the casino hotel. The Veranda has five hundred sixty hotel rooms and suites. The Terrace has six hundred rooms and a spa. The casino hotel has an additional five hundred plus rooms. The Grand also has Kids Quest, an arcade, and over 12,000 square feet of convention space.

2. Horseshoe is medium sized casino with a 1400 seat entertainment venue called Bluesville. The Horseshoe has one fourteen story hotel with over five hundred rooms with three hundred eleven suites. The Horseshoe has more than two thousand slot machines and greater than seventy table games. They have a health spa, meeting rooms and several restaurants. It has a “Diamond Lounge” which benefits high rollers with complimentary food. They have a large high stakes area with many large denomination machines. There is a Starbucks in the hotel lobby. They focus on marketing to players than live more than two hundred miles from the area.

3. The Sheraton is a small casino. It has live entertainment at the stage bar every night. Provides overflow for the Horseshoe guests.

4. The main consumer services for all three Harrahs properties include slots gambling, table games, hotel stays and other amenities. They do offer business to business (B2B) services including banquet rooms, hosting group conventions and hosting parties. Since businesses like to hold their conventions in different places every year, the convention center is a modified rebuy for them so there is a large market opportunity for Harrahs.

The company has a player tracking system, a form of intranet, called Total Rewards. This gives them a strong basis for their customer relationship management. They can also use this information for data mining purposes. Guests can play at one Harrahs casino and carry the play value to any Harrahs property.

B. Weaknesses-

1. Grand Casino Tunica needs more specialty shops. The Terrace and Veranda are too far away from the casino; guests must travel by shuttle from these two hotels to gamble, go to shows or eat at the restaurants. The Grand is not utilizing its large size to its greatest advantage. It is overpricing its hotels resulting in the hotels not being booked to capacity.

2. Horseshoe is overusing giveaways to try and attract new customers and encourage visits among existing customers. High end players are being over promoted to, making them feel like it is not as much of a prestige service.

3. Sheraton is a small low end casino that has not realized their niche.

4. The three properties are not specialized enough. There are too many cross-over events, thus reducing the variety between the three properties. Due to the amount of cross-over events, high end players no longer feel “elite”. There is a lot of brand competition in the area and with the way things are set up now, the three individual Harrahs’ properties in the area are competing against each other.

C. Opportunities-

1. Tunica needs a true high end casino that can cater to the needs of high end players.

2. Specialization can give the properties a competitive advantage in the area.

D. Threats-

1. There is a lot of competition in the Tunica area.

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