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1. What are some of the changes happening in management today?

Managers are being educated to guide, train, support and teach their employees rather than tell them what to do.

2. What is the definition of management used in this chapter?

Management – the process used to accomplish organizational goals through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling people and other organizational resources.

3. What are the four functions of management?

Four functions of management are:

• planning

• organizing

• leading

• controlling


1. What is the difference between goals and objectives?

Goals are broad, long-term achievement that organizations aim to accomplish.

Objectives are specific, short-term plans made to help reach the goals.

2. What does a company analyze when it does a SWOT analysis?

Managers look at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats facing the firm.

3. What is the difference between strategic, tactical, and operational planning?

Strategic planning – the setting of broad, long-range goals by top managers.

Tactical planning – the identification of specific, short- range objectives by lower- level managers.

Operational planning – the setting of work standards and schedules.

4. What’s the seven Ds in decision making?

The seven Ds of decision making are:

• define the situation

• describe and collect needed information

• develop alternatives

• develop agreements among those involved

• decide which alternative is best

• do what is indicated (begin implementation)

• determine whether the decision was a good one and follow up


1. How does enabling help empowerment?

Empowerment means giving the authority and responsibility to respond quickly to customer request.

Enabling is the term used to describe giving workers the education and tools they need to assume their new decision-making power.

2. What are five steps in the control process?

Five steps in the control process are:

• Establish clear standards

• Monitoring and record performance

• Compare results against standards

• Communicate results

• If needed take corrective action

3. What is the difference between internal and external customers?

Internal customers – Individuals and units within the firm that receive services from other individuals or units.

External customers – Dealers, who buy products to sell to others, and ultimate customers (or end users), who buy products for their own personal use.

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