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Managing Reearch Design &Amp;Amp; Development

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Manage your research, design and development

Managing the design process

A successful design stems from a collaborative process involving good planning and communication. Research and development should be part of your overall business plan with objectives, budgets and timeframes included to demonstrate your commitment to the process. This can then be expressed and communicated in more detail in a project plan. See the page in this guide on your strategy for research and development.

The design brief

Whether you use an in-house designer or an outside agency, their work will only be as good as the information you provide. Your product designers need full details of your aims and objectives. Their brief should include every function and feature you want your product to have. They also need comprehensive information about your marketplace and your business and its objectives.

Be clear about who will own any intellectual property arising from the collaboration.

See our guide on how to choose and work with a designer.

The concept stage

Once your designers have analysed all the elements of the design brief, they'll draw up their first proposals. These may be on paper or involve making models of the proposed product. Research and testing is important as the proposals are refined.

Implementing and reviewing your design

As the product is prepared for production unforeseen problems can arise. This may make a review of what is possible and subsequent redesigns necessary before manufacture can happen. For this reason it is important that the designers are still fully involved during the implementation process.


After successful testing, it's time to move to the production stage - though you may need to get special tools made before you can begin manufacture. Your designers must be on hand during production to communicate their ideas to the engineers, IT experts and others involved in this process.

It's a good idea to assess how the design process worked when it's over so you can make improvements in future

Most of us encounter some problems when collecting or generating our data. Do not ignore significant problems or pretend they did not occur. Often, recording how you overcame obstacles can form an interesting part of the methodology, and means you can also give a rationale for certain decisions, plus a realistic view of using the methods you chose.


• Since many surveys deal with national populations, if you are interested in studying a well-defined minority subgroup you will have a difficult time finding relevant data.

• Secondary analysis can be used in irresponsible ways. If variables aren't exactly those you want, data can be manipulated and transformed in a way that might lessen the validity of the original research.

• Much research, particularly of large samples, can involve large data files and difficult statistical packages.

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