Business / As A New Manager, I Have Been Brought In To Change The Environment Of A Department That Is Struggling To Survive.

As A New Manager, I Have Been Brought In To Change The Environment Of A Department That Is Struggling To Survive.

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As a new manager, I have been brought in to change the environment of a department that is struggling to survive. The problems this department is currently faced with include an outdated product line, ineffective interdepartmental communication and fierce competition for corporate funding. These problems must be corrected in order for this department to survive, if this department cannot be turned around then corporate will see it as a liability and eventually find a way of their own to remedy the problem. I have outlined a plan to turn this department around and make positive changes that will result in a profitable department for the company.

The first step is to meet with corporate and discuss the overall goal of the company to ensure that the changes being made to the department are in line with the goals of the corporation. Information from this meeting with corporate will be communicated with management within my department and we will use this information to develop new policies and procedures. This information will also be helpful in developing new products and new marketing campaigns. New products are going to be a crucial part of turning the department around, product development will not only show the company that our department can contribute fresh ideas but that it can also make money for the company. The goal of my plan is to make this department a profitable asset for the company, which will increase corporate funding for the department, and this is the first step towards this goal.

Upper management within the department will hold meetings to brainstorm new policies and to decide which policies do not fall in line with our ultimate goal so that they can be eliminated. Our department will develop a mission statement to help guide the decisions made and the processes implemented, if a process does not coincide with our mission statement then it is useless and not worth pursuing. Employee input will be solicited in the form of employee opinion surveys, management will ask employees what changes they would like to see and what products and marketing ideas they feel would be successful. By doing this we are giving the employees a personal stake in what happens with our department, which in turn will improve employee involvement and pride in their work.

The next step is to show the employees the big picture, by honestly communicating with them where the department currently stands in relation to the company’s overall goal and letting them know what changes need to be made. By giving employees an honest assessment and letting them know that if changes are not made it can mean losing their jobs then they will understand the gravity of the situation and they will understand they must step up in order to remain with the company. Any employee who continues to contribute to the negative environment and ideas we are trying to change will have to be let go, as a manager I cannot allow negativity to fester while trying to make positive changes in my department.

A positive work environment is crucial to the department’s success; this will begin with me. An employee is their leader’s shadow. If I am negative then it will cause my subordinates to be negative and it will continue down to every employee in the department. Communications should be kept professional and courteous; employees should be recognized for their hard work and for their accomplishments. Our department will hold monthly staff meetings to discuss accomplishments and positive changes that have been made. These meeting will also be used for employees to voice their opinions about the changes being made and to share ideas with each other. Most importantly these meetings will be an opportunity for upper management to show employees that their efforts are appreciated and to remind them of how important they are to the department.

Turning the department around will not be an easy task but the steps outlined above will help to change the department’s direction. These changes will show corporate headquarters that our department is not a liability, but instead a profitable asset to the company. In time these changes will help to alleviate the problems the department is currently dealing with.


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