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The Real Estate Boom

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the different types of presentations real estate developers conduct.

Thesis Statement: Real estate developers are required to present themselves formally and informally to various audience and situations.


I. Attention Getter: “It's tangible, it's solid, it’s beautiful, and it’s artistic, from my standpoint, and I just love real estate”- Donald Trump (9 Jan. 2002, real estate billionaire). Real estate comes in many shapes and forms, and its presentations are far from different.

II. Credibility Statement: I am currently studying real estate development at Purdue University and would like to share with you the different characteristics used for presentations by a real estate developer.

III. Relating to the Audience: No matter your field of study; presentation and communication skills are an essential part of any job.

IV. Thesis Statement: Real estate developers are required to present themselves formally and informally to various audience and situations.

Transition: First, I will discuss the types of presentations real estate developers make.


I. Real estate developers present both formal and informal presentations.

A. Formal presentations consist of team research, using Microsoft Office tools, and presenting them.

1. The developer works with a sales team to project future earnings in the housing market.

2. According to Sully Richardson, “Informative presentations are then created with the data received from the different divisions of the company and placed into graphs and charts for the presentation.” (6 Sep. 2005, Richardson, Sully.C.F.O. Pageantry Co.)

B. Informal presentations consist of sharing financial conditions with clients.

1. According to Sully Richardson (6 Sep. 2005, C.F.O. Pageantry Co.), informal presentations occur “several times a week” with clients receiving construction schedules and information about the current housing market.

2. Informal presentations consist of the client asking the real estate developer question’s about certain financial situations.

Transition: Now that you know about the different types of presentations real estate developers present, I will begin to discuss the different audience who view them.

II. Real estate developers present to a wide variety of audiences.

A. Speeches given to lenders form the majority of formal presentations.

1. The developer conducts a formal – persuasive presentation to persuade the lender into funding the current project(s) by using charts, graphs and Microsoft Office Tools.

2. Sully Richardson stated that, “Lender speeches make up about 70% of formal presentations.”(6 Sep. 2005, Richardson, Sully.C.F.O. Pageantry Co.)

B. Real estate developers also present to members of the company.

1. Also known as staff meetings; this type of presentation consists of annual budgets and “cost and productivity” analysis which are presented in a formal-informative theme.

2. “Company presentations can last anywhere between 30 minutes up to one hour.”(6 Sep. 2005, Richardson, Sully.C.F.O. Pageantry Co.)

Transition: In closing, I have showed the diversity of presentations that pertain to this certain career, as well as the span of audience they reach.


I. Restate Thesis: In particular, I have shared the formal and informal presentations made by a real estate developer, and how the presentations can vary between different audiences (i.e. clients and lenders).

II. Closing Statement: Developers communicate on many different levels; from lenders, clients, and employees; to sharing persuasive and informative presentations. All of which contribute to a healthy real estate business. “I have developer's disease. I love to sit at a drafting table and draw plans for hotels, wrestling with problems of traffic and the flow of people. That's what turns me on...”- Donald Trump(18 Feb. 2004, real estate billionaire)


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