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Corporate Social Resposibility

The concept of a corporate board's "fiduciary duty" has been expanding to include social, environmental and human rights issues that some boards may be ill prepared to oversee. It is very difficult for boards to concern about the new corporate social resp ...

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Corporate Stategy

First of all, in this paper will take critically discuss the approaches to developing strategy. Strategy is the direction and scope of an organisation over the long term, which achieves advantage for the organisation through its configuration of resources ...

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Corporate Sustainability

It is an organization’s goal to maximize shareholders’ wealth. At the most basic level, every organization has an economic responsibility to make a profit so that they can provide a return to their owners and investors, create employment and ...

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Corporate Talent

Corporate Talent in the US Since 2000 One of the biggest problems in America today is talent shortage. The need for qualified workers is growing exponentially in almost every business sector. It has become increasingly important for companies to ...

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Corporate Taxation

Dalton defined tax as �a compulsory contribution imposed by the public authority, irrespective of the exact amount of service rendered to the taxpayer, in return for which no specific and direct quid pro quo is rendered to the payer’. In accorda ...

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Corporate Valuation

CORPORATE VALUATION: DETERMINANTS OF CORPORATE VALUE The value of public companies is determined by the stock market. The value of companies not publicly quoted will be greatly influenced by the same market. Therefore, we will focus on the main st ...

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Corporate Wellness Programming

Abstract Corporate wellness programming is on the rise for many American employers. Lifestyle choices such as smoking, sedentary behavior, poor nutrition, obesity, and stress account for more than have of premature deaths reported on yearly basis. Moreo ...

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Corporation Analysis

BUS 302 Group Report THE NEWS CORPORATION CASE STUDY By Bernardetta Tusacciu Yun Kyong Choi Noubda Bojoudi Naresh De Silva Xi Xi Cheng Table of Contents Executive Summary ...

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Corporation Classifications “Corporations are classified based on their locations, purpose or owners.” (Cheeseman, 2004) A private corporation can either be for profit or nonprofit. With a for profit corporation, the business is able to disperse p ...

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Correcting The Paradox Of Success: A Managerial Cognition Perspective

Abstract Research has shown that past organizational success leads to strategic persistence, which, in constantly changing environment, might be dysfunctional, and might lead to organizational demise. Such phenomenon was termed as “paradox of succes ...

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