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Time And Change

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Time and change

As time goes by there are many changes happening for the good or thefor bad. It is a fact that as time goes by things change - look at your own life for example, what did you think about it when you were younger, and what do you think of it now that time has passed by?

The passing of time can be measured in different ways that reflect different changes. For example each second counts in a race during the Olympics determining who will become the gold medal winner or indeed the looser. Minutes matter on the stock exchange causing people to profit or loose thousands of pounds. An hour can seem to drag by on a school day, whereas the days may fly by during the holidays.

The seasons of the year show us the natural changes that occur around the world. The summer time brings the heat and a colorful landscape, when the days are longer and one feels more energetic. Whereas the winter days are greyer and the dark nights are longer making one feel more lazy and tired.

Taking a snapshot of time around the globe today, one can see stark differences between each country even though they all existed from the same time. The more technologically advanced countries calling themselves the developed world and the less fortunate being labeled the third world countries.

Looking at a longer term of change one can describe the changes of a lifetime from the point of birth when one is totally dependant, through to adulthood when one strives to be independent, then growing into old age and losing

some independence. The physical change of a human body is quite dramatic throughout its lifetime with respect to size, weight, physical and mental abilities.

As people grow older they, look back at their past as if it were perfect and custom made. They compare it to the present thinking it is all bad and a waste of time. They keep wishing that they could return back to the days of their youth, as they believe that the world around them has become worse as time has passed by.

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