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The Diverse Lifestyles Of College Students

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The Diverse Lifestyles of College Students

“Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance.”

Being a high school senior, college is on my mind constantly–applications, admission essays, reference letters, and of course financial aid. This is a considerable amount of work, but it doesn’t bother me because I know I want to succeed in life, and college is the place to begin. But everyone is not like me. Some soon-to-be-college students are as dedicated as me; others plan to attend college for something besides an education. Students attend college for diverse reasons.

Throughout high school star athletes really begin to stand out. Being the tough captain of the football team or the seven-foot tall captain of the basketball team is a golden ticket into a great school. Numerous scholarships are awarded to these students for their tremendous skills in these physical activities. Education may be important, but their sport will always come first. In my mind, these jocks are very popular and love the attention they receive. College for them is a time to excel in the game and attend courses in their spare time. Jocks are known for drinking and partying after the big game, but they are not as extreme as the constant partier.

The partying population in a college setting is tremendous. Staying out ‘til early morning hours, drinking crazy combinations of alcohol illegally, and blasting loud music until their ears are ringing for the rest of the week happens on a day to day basis. These slackers sleep in because missing class does not phase them what-so-ever. I’m sure dropping out or getting kicked out is somewhere in the near future, but it doesn’t bother them at all. Being totally opposite from how I feel, partiers are not in college for an education, but for the social aspect.

The students who are in college for an education are the real winners. Wanting to achieve a rewarding career along with the big bucks inspire diligence and dedication in these students. Late night studying makes for outstanding grades in classes. Just like the athletes–although for different reasons– these students standout, and are rewarded many scholarships for their abilities. These smarties understand that success comes along with obstacles and sacrifices, and they are willing to do what needs to be done to win.

I realize I will run into extremely different people in college, and I am gearing myself up for that. Some students go for the sports, some for the partying, and others for the education. And yes, many of these people are the exact opposite of my liking. For some, a college education shows how ignorant they really are. For me, college is the time to move onto the next stage of life.

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