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How To Improve Your Work Efficiency

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1) Don’t Check Your Email For Update Every Other Minute

This is extremely disruptive and you are better off checking your email Inbox once every hour reading the Subject of the email only. Open only those that are important at work and KIV the rest till the end of the day. Take action only on those that requires immediate action and KIV the rest until you have completed all the essential tasks of the day.

2) Getting To Work An Hour Earlier

Get to office 1 hour earlier saves you from the morning rush hour jams. Since your are probably one of the earliest in office, there is no one else to interrupt your work and considering that you are fresh from a good night sleep, that 1 hour will probably be the best time of the day where you are actually operating in your peak performance!

3) Skip Regular Coffee Breaks

We all love coffee breaks but do you have them out of office or in the office? Do you do it on a daily basis or just occasionally? Two 15-mins coffee breaks a day will cost you 6.25% of your daily office hours. If you are those who socialized during coffee break, each break may cost you 30-mins and that adds up to 12.5% of your daily office hours.

So have a coffee break with colleagues out of office occasionally to socialize but not on a regular basis. If you are like me a coffee lover who drink for the love of drinking coffee, a cup of coffee at my desk will serve my purpose as well.

4) Have Early/Late Lunch

Take your lunch either 30mins earlier then normal lunch time or 1 hour late. This allows you to avoid the lunch hour rush so you can have a good lunch in peace and avoid the queue. An alternative is to pack your lunch and then you can even save the time walking to the cafeteria. Talk about being efficient!

5) Manage Your Meeting Schedules

If you have attended meetings before, you should know how well meeting timings are normally managed - usually not very well. Meetings without proper agenda or have a vague agenda tend to end up dragging and wasting everybody’s time.

First is to inform the organizer how much time you can commit to the meeting. If you have nothing urgent to do, promise to commit your time to the announced meeting schedule but stress that you will need to leave at the end of that meeting’s scheduled time. You may not succeed often, especially if your boss is in the same meeting but it is a good practice that will pay off in the future, when you are in the position to utilize it.

6) Don’t Chit Chat

I know chit chatting is fun but if you actually timed the amount of time you spend chit chatting daily, you will probably be amazed that you actually got any work done at all!

The best way to stop chit chatting is, well, not to start chatting in the first place. And if you are on the receiving end, just inform the other party that you are busy and will get back when you are done with your work.

7) Stay Off The Web

We are working in an age where everything and everyone is extremely well connection via the internet and it is hard not to stay off the web especially if part of your job requirements is to stay on the web doing research or marketing! But just focus on the job and leave the leisure surfing till after office hour if you have too.

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