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Internet Filtering In Librarys

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The students at Derry Community College need total internet access in order to keep up with the new times and the demanding college life. Although we have this need, the computers in the public Derry library should be filtered to protect the young people that may be in the library at the time. Offensive materials should not be allowed in the library as that is a public place where children are abundant. We, the students of Derry Community College, have come up with ideas as to better serve all of the library’s patrons.

One of the fastest growing uses for the internet is pornography. Accessing these sites have become easier and easier, even if you are of age of not. One can stumble across these sites, without meaning to by all the pop-up ads for “XXX” or “Teen Nymphos”. Even cleverly designed websites have been created so just a simple misspelling can bring up the inappropriate smut. Having a filter for the public computer lab will help protect children and many adults who are offended from pornography.

Censorship in public facilities is important; however, allowing students uncensored access to research information is important as well. College students take many classes such as human sexuality, anatomy, and other medical classes which may contain subjects that would be inappropriate for children. Therefore, it is necessary for students to have full access to websites to help with their research. We believe that by adding a student research lab on campus it would provide a place for students to have full access on the internet. It would also be beneficial to place a small machine at the door to scan student ID’s. This would ensure that outsiders will not have access to student resources. There could also be faculty present to monitor the lab and provide technical assistance. This research lab would provide valuable uncensored information to the growing minds of the student body.

Although costly, building a student research lab is imperative to protect the children of our community while still providing uncensored information access to students. The funding for this lab does not have to come solely from the school board’s budget, but can come from a combination of donations, fundraisers, and a small tuition increase. We could ask community members, faculty, and students to make donations to build our research lab. They would be more than willing to make these donations when they know the importance of having a research lab. The campus clubs could correlate to put on a carnival, bake sell, or other fundraiser events. Although it is also important that tuition costs remain low, a small increase per student would add up to our lab fund and would also not put measurable burden on us, the students. By utilizing all forms of accruing funds, the cost of building a research lab will be no problem at all.

As students of Derry Community College we have the right to access uncensored information for research purposes. However, as members of the community, we also believe it is imperative that the public library computers be censored to protect children. We believe that by building a student research lab on campus, using the various ways to acquire funds, we can meet both the student and community needs.

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