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Mor Than Just A Mere Fire Fighter

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More than Just Your Mere Fire Fighter

Kristopher I. Brown

September 21, 2006

Professor Brooke Bonganni

Eng 103 EE1

More than Just Your Mere Fire Fighter

A job that puts you right in the face of danger, a job where you actually have to stop and think, “is this going to be my last day on earth”, a job where you have to put your life in danger in order to save someone else’s life. That is what a fire fighter faces everyday when he goes to work, especially on 9/11. Firefighters all over the United States are looked at differently know. Not as just mere fire fighters, but as heroes, and a movie that brings that to life is Ladder 49. This movie was an excellent portrayal of what fire fighters go through day to day. The directing, acting, setting, and the location were all just grand!

You need good actors in any movie because they have to keep the audience’s attention, and make the movie believable. The actors that played in Ladder 49 were, Jaquin Phoenix, John Travolta, Jacinda Barret, Morris Chestnut, Billy Burke, and Balthazar Getty. Each one of these actors played their role to their up most potential. The actors who were the Fireman in this movie bring to life the commrodery that firefighter have. Additionally, the actors had me thinking that they were actually firefighters; I totally forgot that they were just acting. I especially thought that Jaquin Phoenix (the dedicated Fireman) and John Travolta (who played the captain and mentor to the men) were excellent as they were the stars of the movie, by being captain, John Travolta really stood out. As being a leader and a friend, and also knew what to do when he was in a scene were it was time to take charge, and I believe that is what real fireman captains do, he portrayed it really well. Even though the movie had an all star cast it also had an all star director.

The person who directed Ladder 49 (Jay Russel), did an excellent job, he portrayed the whole life of a fireman. He wanted movie goers to not just think of fireman as men who just put out fires. He wanted to show the movie goers about the ups and downs the firefighters have to go through. The recognition a firefighter gets for going the extra mile to save a person. The pain of losing

a fellow firefighter, the problems that they have to face with their families not wanting them to go to work fearing that they might not see them again when they walk out that door, also the heart break of the spouse that looses his or her mate by fighting a fire.

Another thing that I thought Jay Russell did that was phenomenal was the terrific fire sequences and other disinters which basically show patrons the really bad things the firefighters go through while fighting a fire. For instance, when Tommy (Morris Chestnut) got scorched by blistering hot steam and Jack’s best friend Dennis (Billy Burke) falls through the roof of the building into a furnace. The audience could tell by watching the movie that Jay did his homework on firefighters and what they endured form day to day. Even though the director of the movie played a big role in the in the success of the movie but without the great cinematography, setting, and music the movie wouldn’t have been so believable.

The cinematographer was James L. Carter and the visual effects supervisor of the movie was Peter Donen. These two men did an of the wall job in recreating the dangerous surroundings that the fireman had to go into. The person who did the score for the movie was Williams Ross, it ranged form military like tones and melancholy sounds, to heart racing beats, went well with the mode of each scene. The setting was really good

too. Baltimore was a very good place to pick to shoot the movie. I liked how they incorporated Baltimore’s “Premier Places” like the Inner Harbor for instance, and I also liked how Mayor Martin O’Malley mad e an appearances.

This movie isn’t just about Firefighters putting out fires; it is about men who put their lives on the line everyday to save another, about the hardships that men go through with there family’s and the bond that fireman have with each other. Even thought they might not like each other at times they still got each other backs. So if there are any movie lovers out there who want to see what fireman really have to go through ona day to day basis, Ladder 49 directed by Jay Russell is the movie to see.

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