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One Flew Over The Cuckoo'S Nest

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Dear Ken Kesey,

I was extremely glad to have read your book, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Thanks to your piece of literature, I was able to experience an epiphany. As a result, my eyes were pried open to see the beautiful world that I could not only view but also change. In addition, your book inspired me to ignore our flawed society and speak up, rather than just following blindly where everyone else was going.

As I read through your well-written novel, I began to see how the poor patients in the ward were victims of the over-powering nurse that did not tolerate anything other than order. It wasn’t long before I began to see how the situation in the ward related to my life. I felt like one of those patients and society was a nurse that made me act a certain way or say a certain thing at a certain time. When that thought initially came to mind, it really hit me: I was living a life that had little to no meaning at all. I acted a certain way and never really questioned teachers, or the busywork that I was assigned many times. I was like the drugged patients that aimlessly occupied the halls of the mental ward, living my life with no end to be pursued. Upon finishing your book, it came to me: I was just living for the grade. I would do assignments in all these classes blindly and not see any value in them. But thanks to you I finally set up some goals in my life, such as my dream to enter the medical field and help people. I must tell you that when one has an end to be pursued, he definitely has more hope. That is what your book has given me.

As my English class read your book in tenth grade, we examined many of its aspects and themes. The reading was a part of a unit on order and disorder and after having gone through many of effects of order and disorder, I decided that what was being witnessed in the ward was simply a strong dictatorship, in which a series of rules and regulations stagnated human potential. I did not think that it was okay for someone like the nurse (or in my case the society that she represents) to limit my true worth. I felt as if it were important to do something. I was truly inspired to just ignore society and do my very own thing. After reading your book, I began to look at myself and see how I was letting society limit my potential. Many times people would call me a loser, just because I did some extra work, or wanted to do some more. I soon realized that what those people said was very damaging to me. I thought about it, and decided that I would rather just ignore their assertions and continue on working for my goal.

Many times what happens is, people listen to what others think, and this hinders their abilities to be themselves. I admit to this. I have always been extremely weary of what people thought of me. It was like they were the combine, and if I stood out, it would just crush me. I wish that I could be as brave as Chief Bromden in your book and do what is best, rather than what made me feel safer. I am still working on trying to break free from what people think, but it was truly your book that inspires me to do so.

It is extremely hard for one to write a piece of literature that can criticize society, yet do so in such a way that people can enjoy it. I believe that it is quite important to criticize society from time to time in order to make people aware of its flaws. I would like to thank you very much for writing such an affective piece of literature that changed me in more ways than you can imagine. It is thanks to you that I am able to see what is happening, and it is thanks to you that I am inspired to go and change the world in my own little way.


John Smith

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