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Being an organ donor saves life, but only if you help. Ever since organ donation became a way of saving lives, there has been a shortage of organ donators. Each day the organ transplant list gets longer and the organs available for transplant become scarcer. Many people are dying because of not enough organs are available. Although society put a lot of efforts on educating people to sign a little organ donor card, people still misunderstand of the real meaning of this process. Actually, there are many mistrusts of organ donation such as the medical process, religion, cost etc. To some of the public population, organ donation is a way of saving life of another. However, some of them believe that it is unnecessary, morally incorrect and it may even threaten their lives. Why shouldnЎ¦t we donate our organs? Since those organs can save others, why should we take them to the graveyard? After we die, those organs can keep functioning in otherЎ¦s body, which means to continue our lives. In that sense, dispelling peopleЎ¦s mistrust of organ donation is highly essential for helping more people who are at the edge of their lives.

A serious organ donor shortage exists at the present time. Karen Ingwell claims in his journal, Ў§Hospital receives grant to increase organ donationЎЁ, in 2002, due to the shortage of organ donators, more than 78,000 people were on the waiting list for transplants and more than 6000 patients died waiting for organs. Every 14 minutes another name is added to the national transplant waiting list. Most importantly, there is only less than 20% of the people who die yearly become an organ donor in America. So, despite modern advances in medicine, this shows that there are not enough organs. In fact, if one more person becomes an organ donor, itЎ¦s likely that many people will be recovered from illness, because one donor can provide 13 organs which include heart, lung, eye, kidney, liver etc. Many patients are really in need of an organ to save their lives. LetЎ¦s imagine if you are dying and you have two beautiful eyes, would you like to take them to the graveyard? Or would you rather donate them and to be great when a blind person will see the world with your eyes? ItЎ¦s a chance to be honored and thankful.

Although being an organ donor can be grateful, there are a lot of myths about organ donation to prevent people from becoming a donor. Many people think that if they are in accident and the hospital knows that they signed the organ donor card, the doctor will not save their lives in order to get their organs. ItЎ¦s absolutely wrong. According to American Medical Association, Ў§Code of Medical Ethics 2001 editionЎЁ, it mentions Ў§the physicianЎ¦s primary concern must be the health of the patientЎЁ (44). They wouldnЎ¦t take the organs unless all efforts to save the patient have been exhausted and death has been legally declared. Actually, the transplant team is separated from the medical team and the doctors will treat you as normal as anyone else. They donЎ¦t know whether you are a donor or not when they are handling you. Moreover, hospital has to notice the donorЎ¦s family before any organ transplantation. So, it has absolutely no risk of donating organ.

Another myth is the opposition of religion. Some people think that their religion forbids them from becoming an organ donor. This is not true. In fact, all mainstream organized religions approve of organ donation. They endorse it as the highest humanitarian act and it is even considered an act of charity. A non-profit organization Life Gift mentions that all larger religious denominations in the United States encourage organ donation. For example, Catholicism, Protestantism and most branches of Judaism. Also, religious leaders, including the Pope, have all publicly supported donation. Thus, it is not against the major religion. In addition, there is a common asked question that donation will disfigure a personЎ¦s body. This is also not true. It doesnЎ¦t disfigure the donorЎ¦s body at all in any way. Organs are removed surgically and carefully, it is similar to the removal of an appendix or a tumor in a live body. So, it doesnЎ¦t change the way the body looks like in a casket, and the funeral arrangements are the same for both donor and non-donor. Open casket services are definitely possible.

Some other concerns prevent people from becoming an organ donor are the cost and limitation. Actually, a family of an organ and tissue donor is never responsible for costs related to donation. The recipient covers all medical costs and some cases the recipient will pay all funeral costs. Moreover, there is no age and gender limitation on who can donate. Organs have been successfully transplanted from donors in their 70s and 80s. The deciding factor on whether a person is suitable for donating is the personЎ¦s physical condition rather than the personЎ¦s age. However, some people are afraid that their organs are not healthy to give to others. This shouldnЎ¦t be worried too much. Member of the International Society for Heart Transplantation, Barbara A. Williams states that Ў§medical professionals at the time of death can determine whether the organs are suitable for transplantation.ЎЁ(11). It may turn out that certain organs are not good for transplantation, but other organs and tissues may be fine. So, donЎ¦t disqualify yourself prematurely.

There is a simple and costless way to help the dying people who are on the organ transplant waitlist, which is signing a donor card and carry it in your wallet. It just takes you three minutes, but many people can be saved. Also, by signing the card, you doing a good example for your family and friends to follow, and it possibly save more lives.

In conclusion, by becoming an organ donor, the world will be better and people can have more chance to live in a healthy condition. However, the mistrust and misunderstanding of organ donation reduce the efficiency of this meaningful charity. It is unfair for anyone to make the decision not to become an organ donor without first educating themselves on organ donation. DonЎ¦t let myths stand in your path. It is wonderful if someone carries a part of your body inside him/her. Organ donation is truly the gift of life for those who wait for transplantation. I hope the last gift you give people is not a birthday present, a valentineЎ¦s day present or a Christmas present, but your organs that can save otherЎ¦s life. I believe there can be no greater gift than the gift of life.

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