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As we all know the divorce rate in the United States are as high as they have ever been in history. It seems as each day passes the rate continues to climb. According to www.divorcereform.com divorce rates are at a steadily climb since 1950. This topic has been talked about lately, but no one has actually come up with a solution to this epidemic. Truthfully, one way to control this surge is to adopt rules and regulations from other countries around the world on marriage. This would primarily consist of the pre-arranged marriage concept that many other countries perform daily.

Just a quick over view on why I think the pre-arranged marriage concept is so successful is relatively simple. From the day you were born your family usually already has a member of a different family for you to marry when that day comes. So with that known you would almost have to ask yourself, since you already know who you are going to marry, then it would be a smart move to just go a head and make amends with that certain individual. Knowing you are going to spend the rest of your life with that person, because divorce is out of the question since we are trying to control that divorce rate, you would go ahead and take control of all the key ingredients that makes a successful marriage. Just like Laura Kipnis had stated in early essays, it takes a lot of compromise, a lot of trust and anything else that would be of the essence in marriage.

In a typical relationship people are usually attracted to someone on the physical level. That physical level may consist of their looks, their physical make up, or even sometimes the size of their wallet. All of these things are just temporary in life. As we grow older we usually are not in the best shape of our lives. We typically change in every physical aspect. So in return that physical love and desire you once had for someone will ultimately change. Even though it might change for the better and keep that long lasting healthy relationship going, most of the time it would be safe to say that those changes would have a negative impact on the whole situation.

Now if you take away what someone looks like or how well someone is built and just focus your attention on the actual person then most marriages would end in a more happily ever after ending than the high costs of the courts. Who knows for certain if the concept of pre-arranged marriages would work in the United States, but the rate we are going right now it certainly would not hurt to try it out.

I have had the opportunity to visit certain countries around the world that have performed pre-arranged marriages for quite some time. Given that they may have rules that tend to be a little stricter then what we conduct, the overall positive success rate is not even comparable to what we are seeing in the United States. A key factor to this whole concept is that in other countries both parties of the marriage seem to know their role previous to any type of commitment. It’s almost like clock work, with the relation that every hand on the clock moves according to the next hand that completes the clocks movements. The same concept applies to each person involved in the relationship knows what must be done in order for the other party to complete the necessary situations for a marriage to work.

There is always the possibility of having an open marriage. Not only does it happen here anyways, this way the other member of the marriage would have a say if it were okay or not. Regardless it usually happens without anyone knowing about anything at all. This way it may be accepted in the marriage and actually work for both sides.

If the high divorce rate in our country is a topic that has a high priority listing to get resolved then this would be an action that must take place to bring that rate to a more controlled level. Realistically, I seriously doubt the United States would give this opportunity a try. Because in our society today this concept would just be laughed at and everyone would have some type of argument that pre-arranged marriages would just ruin the idea of true love and the idea of true marriages. Well I believe we have already ruined the idea of everything that has to do with love by divorcing the ones you love at a rate of 55% today and having the rate climb and climb more and more everyday.

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