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Sad Love Story

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The sadness moment in life

It all started two years ago, at the time of the Vietnamese New Year. I never knew that meeting this person that would change my life. From the moment I met him, he changed my whole world. We began dating and falling in love several months after we met. I never thought that I would date an older man like him; a man whom is very different in personality from me. Loving him changed my life because I have found out more characteristics in me that I never knew I had. I get to experience different adventures activities and been to many events that I have never engage in before; most important of all, I never thought I would engages in a relationship that had caused a tremendous effect on me which lead to a sorrow ending.

Before I met him, I never cooked anything because my mom would cook everyday for my family to eat. I never try to cook anything because I don’t get influence by anyone; no one encouraged me to cook. Not only that, I don’t even know I have the talent to cook; until I met him. Since we dated, he cooked for me whenever we met for dinner. I get influence by his desires to cook when I see the excitement in his eyes. I began to watch the food network on Television and checked out the cooking book in the library. The feeling of excitement and joyous comes to me when I watched the cooking shows. It gives me enthusiasms and the desires to cook because I wanted the man I love to taste my cooking. I began to practice those methods at my house, and cook for my family. One day, I surprised him by cooking a great dinner meal. After that day, I find the excitement in cooking and feel happy that I have found the talent that I never knew I have.

Throughout the two years we’ve been together, I get to travel to places I never been before and experience exciting activities, which I have never engaged in or imagine that it existed. I remembered a time when we went with a group of friends to houseboat for July 4th; this was the most exciting trip I have ever had. I get to ride on the Jet Ski and swim in the lake. This experience is very exciting; however, it also brings to my attention that my problems with him arise again. As days went by, I thanked him for what he showed me in life, but the stress he gave me is greater than anything he had done for me during the times we were together.

Though falling in love for the first time in life is great, however, it had caused me the most stressful and sadness moments in life. From the moment we are with one another, we planned

to get marry and spend the rest of our lives together. During the relationship, I realized that I put out more love and feelings than I received. At a point during the relationship, I suffer a tremendous sorrow caused by him because of many misunderstanding and the lack of communication we had. He couldn’t give me the time and feelings that I wanted from a man in a relationship. During the relationship, I have cried myself to sleep so many times. The worries I had everyday is very stressful. We both lacked in communication; therefore, no problem had been resolve. I realized that I cannot hold on to these stressful feelings any longer; therefore, I have decided to end the relationship. Although we both didn’t want it to end, but we just have to end it. The feelings hurt badly and I felt like my life would just fell apart. After talking with my friends and thinking about it so much, I have learned that I need to find someone who can love me more and can provide me a happy and joyous life in the future.

Ending a relationship is hurtful; however, I thanked him for giving me a chance to bring out my true self confidence and assist me to bring my cooking skills out in the open. He also gave me a chance to experience the joyful moment in life and let me experience activities that I have never had before. During this time in life now, I couldn’t find anyone who’s as great as he is to share a feeling like I had with him; however, I don’t regret ending the relationship because it had caused me the sorrow and painful moment in life.

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