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With the school year coming to and end, you know it’s the start of summer. At Blackstone- Millville Regional High School, that usually means summer reading for the advanced students, but this year the English department decided to expand summer reading to cp students as well.

The summer reading books this year won’t all be assigned by the English department at the school. For 9th grade the science department chose and the students will be tested on the books in their science classes. For 10th grade the history department chose the books and will test the students. 11th and 12th grade students are often mixed in their classes and will be assigned and tested on their summer reading according to their English class not their grade.

The reasons for the science and history reading requirements is MCAS. Other schools in the state have divided their summer reading this way and say it works well so when principle Richard Porter heard about it he decided to give it a try.

Summer reading is done by schools to help the students keep hold of what they learned during the school year, promote reading, and to help the classes get off to a quick start at the beginning of the year. Junior Jamie Harkins says, “it’s good because you’ll be ready for next year.” Stacy Cote, also a junior, thinks, “it’s a good thing, it helps you learn more vocabulary for next year.”

During previous years at Blackstone-Millville Regional High School there was no summer reading required for CP classes. Some teachers have said that they didn’t like excluding CP students form summer reading because it gives them the stigma that they aren’t smart enough to do it. Many parents have also asked why they had no reading for the summer.

English department head Mr. Campo says this was because, “we were worried that the vast majority of CP students won’t read. They don’t want to start out with a bad test grade.” The decision to expand summer reading was made for many reasons. He also says, “ as a department we decided to try it… we hope for all to read, and the students will be tested.”

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