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Societies Downfall

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Societies Downfall

Usually in society people are not treated equally. In George Orwells book Animal Farm he symbolizes Russia during the Russian Revolution. In Russia at the time there were many political problems and many things that happened in the Russian Revolution are symbolized in Animal Farm. In The book he proves that things are not equal in the world and society today. In the story Animal Farm George Orwell proves that “In society, individuals are not treated equally,” which leads to an imbalance of power and causes an upper and lower class.

In society, individual are not always treated equally. For example, all the animals receive reduced rations, except for the pigs and dogs; Squeler says “When the pigs and dogs receive good nourishment, the whole community benefits.”(77) The pigs and dogs receive more food and they do nothing. This causes an unfair balance of who gets food and noting is equal. In addition, Benjamin reads the seven commandments and it reads “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. (92) The individual animals are never treated equally. Equality is not affiliated with Animal Farm, there are only two classes the upper and lower class, and the lower class gets so little of anything.

Sometimes individuals get different treatment because of there abilities and attributes. For example, Napolean has thirty one piglets and Napolean orders that there “should be a school built for there education only” (77) Napolean starts to be a leader and there’s no equality between the animals. He can order people around and let his children have the highest treatment will the other animals do not. Furthermore, Benjamin says “They are sending Boxer to the knackers.” (84) Boxer is old and can’t work and he’s going to be killed because of his ability to work. He was told he could retire and now he was killed so the pigs would not have to finance food for him and worry about him.

The upper class does no work and gets more while the lower class does work and get less. For example, Boxer says “I will work harder” (40) Boxer is in the lower class and he works so hard to please Napolean and the other animals. He works so hard and in return he gets nothing, and Napolean gets more out of it. Furthermore, only old Benjamin professed to remember every detail of his long life and to know that things never had been, nor ever could be much better or much worse hunger, hardship, and disappointment being, that so he said “The unalterable law of life.” (89) Under Mr. Jones rule Benjamin did not get a lot of good treatment, and under Napolean it was the same and Napolean did nothing and got more just like Mr. Jones. There was no point in changing the ruler of the animals because there was no equality.

In conclusion Gorge Orwell proves that society is not always equal and no one has equal rights, to be in an upper or lower class. Nothing is ever equal, people who have power it corrupts them and then society begins to fall apart and it is not equal. Equality should be a necessary way of life, if nothing is equal, and if you’re not treated or get what you deserve, what’s the purpose of life. If you don’t receive what you deserve even if you work and do try harder than anyone and get less, there’s no point in trying. Equality is one of the most important ways of life if it is not run that way than, the way of life without equality is wrong.

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