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The Things They Carried

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The Things They Carried

The story “The Things They Carried” is about war and the things that soldiers carry with them in the war. This is a story that I can relate to. The author describes what the characters carry both physically and mentally.

First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carries letters and pictures of girl named Martha. The letters are not love letters but Jimmy can hope. He carries the letters to help him remember what it is like back home. The letters are wrapped in plastic in placed in the bottom of his rucksack.

All soldiers carried the necessities or near necessities. They carried can openers, knives, heat tabs, watches, dog tags, bug spray, gum, candy, cigarettes, salt tabs, kool-aid, lighters, matches, sewing kits, pay notices, food, and three canteens of water. All of these things that they carried were things that they needed to survive. These things were things that they carried physically that they could not live without.

All of the soldiers also carried their perspective weapons. The most common weapons were the M-60, M-16, and the M-79. They also carried weapons that were picked up along the way from the opposing forces in the war. Anything that could be used to kill the opposing forces was picked up and kept to use. Some soldiers carried RPG’s which could be used to destroy tanks. They also carried grenades, land mines, and C4 explosives which could be used to disable a tunnel or destroy huts and villages. The soldiers also carried smoke grenades that could be used to mark an area for extractions so that the choppers would know where to land or they could be used as a type of cover to hide from the enemy. Some soldiers carried dope and tranquilizers to numb the pain or just to use to calm the nerves. These were all things that the soldiers carried physically.

There were other things that the soldiers carried mentally. They all carried the thoughts of home and wishing that they were there instead of where they were. Some carried the thoughts of people back home. First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried the thoughts of Martha. Martha was not his wife or even a girlfriend but Jimmy could always hope. All soldiers carried the thoughts of wondering why they were there fighting the war. These thoughts were always there. The wondering why they were fighting this battle when it really had nothing to do with them. They all knew the answers to the question of why they were there but the question still remained.

I can relate to this story because I have been there. The things that I physically carried were all the same things. I carried food and water, cigarettes and matches or a lighter. I carried an M-16, an M-9, and other weapons. All of the soldiers I humped with all carried about the same things. Some carried heavier weapons than others while some carried heavier rucksacks than others. The hardest things to carry were the feelings and luggage that were on the inside of us all. We all had the feelings of missing home and wanting to be there rather than where we were. We also had the same feelings of wondering why we were there but we all knew the answer to the question. Just as the soldiers in the story knew the answer so did we. The answer was we were told to be there by our country and that was why we were there.

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