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What They Want Us To See

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Reading through a magazine an ad happen to catch my eye. The ad was an advertisement for a product called, Burberry Brit. This type of product is just your regular old cologne that both men and women are capable of wearing. Now like every other ad ,they will try and use every bit of what they think our culture depends on to try and sell their product. Things from seduction to just plain old eye catchiness will be used in the ad.

Now in this advertisement, which is all gray, black, and white to come off as an old photo, there is a man and a women. This two people are of course stunningly good looking. The man is wearing a nice striped collard shirt with a matching tie to go with. He has on, a suite jacket, and dress pants, not to mention a handkerchief in his suite jacket pocket making him look quite sophisticated. The women has on a dressy type trench coat with big buttons and a nice bow tie around her waste. The contour of her face outlined by the shading of grays and blacks used in the photo.

Expressions on the faces of the man and women in this advertisement are ones of seriousness and poise. The advertisement is trying to get you to realize that this fragrance is something to be taken serious. The way the advertisement is set up like an old style photo and dress wear that the man and women have on are that of upper class. They wear only the best cloths and walk with the image of being larger than life. Burberry is trying to push the image of sophistication. The image that you too may seem like that of a higher class with just a spray of Brit.

Cloths like the ones that are worn in this advertisement are no doubt expensive. The people in the advertisement look like they are successful and well of people. The image of being worth more than most are capable of making is being pushed. It seems that the advertisement is trying to make seem like not only sophistication would come from buying this product but so would success. What ever that success may be in, it would come and come quickly. I say that it would come quickly because the two advertising the product could be no higher than a combined age of 40. They are extremely young, and already look better off than what you would dream of.

When it comes down to it all advertisements do is make you believe a sense of false hope. The advertisements incorporate things like success, sophistication, beauty, and youth. These are all things that Americans want and try and strive for throughout there life. So if you can buy a product that makes you seem like you are that much closer to the goal that everyone wants in life, it is eye catching. The way advertisements market and try and sell their products are superficial and typical. No real effort is put into the act of advertising a product all that it consists of is attraction and desire. Products should be advertised with more creativeness and more originality.

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