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Autor:  anton  19 September 2010
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# include

using namespace std;

int main ()


int lde, dde, wde; //length, depth, and width of deep end

int lse, dse, wse; //length, width, and depth of shallow end

int surfsh; //suface area of shallow end

int surfd; //surface area of deep end

cout dse;

cout > wse;

surf sh = (lse*wse) + (2*lse*hse) + (wse*hse)

cout > lde;

cout > dde;

while (dde < 10 || lde < 15)

{cout > dde

cin >> lde}

cout > wde

surfd = (lde * wde) + (hde*wde) + ((hde В– hse)*wde) + (2*lde*hde)

int surfpool; //the surface area of the entire pool

surfpool = surfsh + surfd

//the surface area of the pool equals the amount of square feet of pool liner that is needed.


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