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During the early planning stages for the Syracuse University Carrier Dome, no one even dreamed of locating it on or even near the campus. Speculation came from all over the community and from stadium architects. Some suggestions included a block of the downtown area, the State Fairgrounds, Bridge Street, opposite the General Electric plant and even as far as Baldwinsville. It was finally a former landscape architect for the University that suggested the best place would be on campus.

Noreda Rotunno, the Syracuse University landscape architect from 1942-1966, felt that the new stadium needed to be located on campus. "I estimate that 50 percent of the people who now attend (games at Archbold) are students, alumni and friends of the university who live close to the university," he told the Herald Journal.

Now the idea of having the Dome anywhere else just seems crazy. "The Dome just had to be on campus," Syracuse Men's Basketball Coach Jim Boehiem says. "It really just wouldn't be nearly the same atmosphere if it were anywhere else in Syracuse."

The location of the Dome has had a big impact on attendance numbers. Many students would be less likely to attend if they had to travel off campus. Jake Crouthamel, Syracuse University Athletic Director, says that the location really needed to be convenient for all of the students living on campus.

"Half of the students who go to the games wouldn't go if they had to drive to get there," says David Moshe, a sophomore SU student and a native of Syracuse. " It is so convenient having it where it is. No one would want to leave campus, drive across town and deal with traffic. I'm sure having it on campus cuts down on a lot of parking and traffic problems."

The Dome was originally built to be a football stadium, but since its construction the community has found many more uses for the space. "Overall (the Dome) has been great for the community. Things like concerts and regionals can be held there," Boehiem says.

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