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Great Britain'S Empire

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During the 1800's, Great Britain's Empire became larger when it added India,

parts of Asia and parts of Africa. Great Britain's colonial rule had many great effects on

the colonial empire but also had some negative effects too.

In document 3b it explains the reasons why the Europeans decided on imperialism. The Europeans wanted to control the lands that had raw materials. They needed these raw materials for their industrial economies and also because they wanted to open up markets to sell their goods. In document two, it states "We had the bible and they had the land." This means that when the missionaries came to Africa they took over the African Americans land.

In India the British had made a joint stock company called the British East India Company where they controlled India. Queen Victoria then took control of the country. One positive effect about imperialism was that it helped poor countries to make and sell goods to other countries. In document five, it states "Means of communication have been developed." They transformed the face of India by building bridges, over 40,000 miles of railway, and 70,000 miles of metalled roads. Another positive affect was that imperialism has given them many different raw materials. In document 3a it states "there are the exporters and manufacturers of certain goods used in colonies." This means that English exports like Cotton, Paper, Tobacco, etc. were brought to India and that's where the colonies provide a market for manufacturing goods.

The British East India Company also had negative effects. Document 2 states "Because India has become impoverished by their government. They take away our money from year to year. The most important posts are reserved for themselvesВ…." This was Gandhi's speech. He wanted to drive away the British because he felt that the British thought they were better than the Indians. He also felt like they were in slavery. The British were very selfish at the time. They became racist against the Indians that lived there, insulting them and ignoring their feelings. Eventually Great Britain's Empire fell because the British became weak. Another negative effect was that it caused economic division.

One can see how the British colonial rule was a good and a bad thing. It helped modernize the nations and improve in technology and political situations. But it also had its bad effects. It led to the Hindus and Muslims to have hatred towards each other causing them to make two countries, Pakistan and India.

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