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The start of World War II prompted countries to make large technological advances. With the war raging all around the world, and more and more countries entering the fray, it was especially important for governments to continue to develop new technologies to get a step up on their opponents. Many new weapons, vehicles, and ways of communication were developed and used against the Axis of Power. In today's modern wars, many of these technologies have been improved and are still used in the United States Armed Forces. Still, there is debate on whether or not these new technologies were used properly and humanely during World War II and there modified counterparts in today's society.

Weapon Advancement


The introduction of automatic guns in WWII led to a change in warfare. The reloading problems were solved by larger clips of bullets and a soldier could attack a larger object or group of soldiers easier. The use of the bazooka allowed soldiers to attack tanks and buildings without setting up demolitions and prevented more casualties since the range allowed soldiers to keep a safe distance.


Tanks were used during World War I but were not as advanced as they were in the second. Most of the tanks had radios which improved communication between each other. The tanks themselves were equipped with more armor to protect against the advancing guns. Tanks were also equipped with artillery and assault guns. Turrets gave tanks a very efficient main gun which could attack other armored objects and tanks.


World War II was the first war that was won in the air. Precision bombing and high-power guns made ground targets more vulnerable and easier to hit. Dog fighting became a major part of the war and won many battles for the US. Planes became more streamlined and the days of the bi-plane were gone. Better engines and plane structures allowed pilots to reach higher speeds and cover more ground.


The biggest advancement in naval warfare during WWII was the development of the aircraft carrier. This allowed the US to attack Japan more effectively. Planes could reach further distances and were able to return back to the carrier instead of landing in other countries airfields.

Submarines were a big part of the naval battle. The German U-boats were used for stopping and destroying boats that were carrying supplies across the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Pacific. U-boats were a big problem for the US because they could not be located. The development of sonar helped the US defend against the German submarines.


Communications is a vital part of war and with the advancements made it helped the US pass and intercept information. The biggest inventions were radar and sonar. These services were used on planes and ships, as well as on the ground as location devices for security. On the other side, there were advances in electronic and optical areas that jammed enemy radar.


There were three key advancements in the area of medicine during WWII. The first was in the discovery of Sulfanilamide, or sulfa powder. This medicine was poured on open wounds to prevent infection. Each soldier was given a pouch that was attached to their waist which was easily accessible. The medicine that made the biggest impact during the war was penicillin. Its use saved countless lives during the war with its effects against infection. Plasma was another big addition for wounded soldiers. Plasma was given to soldiers that lost blood during battle, and since they could receive it right on the field it prevented people from dying until they received proper medical attention.

The Atomic Bomb

The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project was the first group of people to develop nuclear weapons between 1942-1946. The group was led by Robert Oppenheimer, and Albert Einstein was a key scientist on the project. The group developed two bombs to be dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Manhattan Project employed more than one hundred and twenty thousand people and spent more than two billion dollars.


The atomic bomb was the most catastrophic technology developed for World War II. There is still controversy surrounding the decisions leading up to the deployment of the two bombs in Japan. Was it inhumane to drop two bombs that's purpose was to completely destroy human life? Some people stand by the argument that the technology was not researched and tested enough. The effects of the bombs radiation were not determined before they were dropped. Not only did the bomb kill seventy-thousand people immediately, but hundreds of thousands were killed from radiation poisoning. The dropping of the bombs is regarded as one of the most atrocious attacks of all time.


After WWII and the creation of the atomic bomb, countries all around the world feared a true nuclear war. This fear continued to be a presence as the Cold War started waging almost immediately after WWII. The Russians were surprised by the atomic bomb and feared the US's control of the only nuclear weapon in the world. They immediately started developing their own nuclear weapons which lead to a constant rivalry for dominance as the world's super power. Although the Cold War never went "hot," it sped up the innovations of new weapons technology.

Effects of Technology

In today's society we have seen the development of chemical and biological agents. Terrorism is becoming today's war of choice. The development of biological weapons during WWI and WWII has led to international terror attacks. The United States, as well as part of Europe, has experienced biological terrorism through the deployment of Anthrax. The fear of these weapons has become more and more prevalent.

Some people may not like these technological and scientific advances because of the quick destruction they can cause after just a click of a button. This is scary because a ruthless leader or dictator has the power to literally destroy a civilization. With all the good in the world comes evil. It is no different with these improvements. Today, soldiers are equipped with much better equipment which helps them stay safe. New weapons and technology now allow the military to pick a target and fire a missile from a safe location to pin point accuracy. Intelligence and ways of communication have also improved to keep soldiers at bay from their enemies. New planes, ships, and land vehicles continue to aid the United States Armed Forces. Because of these new technologies, more soldiers are removed from the fields and more American lives are saved.


In conclusion, World War II had a tremendous impact on developing new technologies and changes in the way wars are fought today. New ways of communication, medicine, tanks, guns, planes, and the atomic bomb all led the United States to victory. In modern society, new developments have changed how wars are fought and the foreign relations between countries. Overall, the US's involvement in World War II led to an almost industrial revolution in technological advancement.

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