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Lee Vs Jackson

In the eastern front of U.S. Civil War there were two men who stood above the rest. Robert E. Lee was the commanding general of the Army of Northern Virginia. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson commanded the Army of the Shenandoah. The military genius of the ...

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Legelism And Confucianism

Ancient China, one of the most developed and organized civilizations of Asia. Ancient China was broken up into dynasties. The two most contrast Dynasties were The Ch'in Dynasty and The Han Dynasty. These are two of the most different because they followe ...

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Legend Of Troy

The Greeks besieged Troy for ten years. According to legend, the gods took great interest in the war. Hera and Athena still resented Paris for not giving them the Apple of Discord, so they helped the Greek side. Aphrodite assisted the Trojans. Zeus also ...

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Lente In Kosovo. (A Reconstruction Of The Kosovo-War)

Lente in Kosovo Door Coen van Zwol Op 24 maart van dit jaar gaf de secretaris-generaal van de navo, Javier Solana, het sein voor de aanval op JoegoslaviГ«. Voor het eerst in zijn geschiedenis was het bondgenootschap in oorlog . Pas na 78 dagen bomb ...

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Leo Xi

Leo xi Property: A word that is paradoxically both easy and difficult to define. Obviously, anyone can tell you that property is what you own (land and agriculture in particular). However, how does one truly own anything? Simply because we give someo ...

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Leonardo Da Vinci made many contributions to the Italian renaissance Art with the innovation of sfumato and chiaroscuro modeling and also with the introduction of atmospheric landscape backgrounds. The techniques that Leonardo invented have been used by ...

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Leonnatus was the son of Anteas, a member of the royal house of Lyncestis, a small kingdom in the valley of the Crna that had been included in Macedonia by king Philip, the father of Alexander and the son of a mother who belonged to the Lyncestian dynasty ...

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King Leopold took over the Congo through the Berlin Conferences during a time when many other European countries were expanding their empires into Africa. King Leopold made deals with other countries such as the United States to include them in the free e ...

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Les Miserables

Describe the setting for the novel ВЎВ°Les MiserableВЎВ±? Amidst the redemption story, the love story, the bravery and heroism story, the setting for Les MisВЁВ¦rables is the Parisian underworld. The novel depicts the living conditions and p ...

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Lester Pearson

Defining Canada Lester Pearson Lester Pearson left a lasting legacy on Canada; it was during his tenure as Prime Minister when Canada adopted its own official flag, universal healthcare was applied on a national level, the Canada Pension Plan was nego ...

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