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Warriors Of God

Warriors of God by James Reston Jr. is a non-fictional view of the third crusade. This particular crusade spanned from 1187-1192, containing many gruesome battles and a lot of intense moments between Islam and Christianity. Reston supplies the reader wi ...

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Was Evacuation A Great Success?

I think evacuation was in some ways a great success but in other ways I do not think it worked so well. The government knew that it would be difficult for parents to say goodbye to their children, and forewarned the people of Britain that sacrifices would ...

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Was Germany Unified By

In 1871 the new German Empire was established and became one of the most important developments of the nineteenth century. This essay will outline the historical debate of whether Germany was unified by "coal and iron" or "blood and iron". The contributio ...

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Was Michelangelo A Genius Or Is He Still One?

The name Renaissance is the French word for rinascita, which exactly means “rebirth” and portrays the radical changes experimented in Europe in almost every aspect of life during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The Italian Renaissance of ...

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Was Singapore'S Decolonization Process Different From Its Neighbours In Southeast Asia? Explain Your Answer.

According to Duara, "From a historian's perspective, decolonization was one of the most important developments of the twentieth century because it turned the world into the stage of history. " Therefore, it is of no surprise that much historical research ...

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Was Suleiman The Magnificent Worthy Of The Title?

Suleiman the magnificent was a great Ottoman Sultan of the 16th century. He was an incredible leader who brought the Ottoman Empire to the pinnacle of its power. During this time, Suleiman was not only a great conqueror, but also a fair leader, a brilli ...

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Was The Cold War Chiefly A Clash Of National Interests, With Ideology Only Secondary?

"Emerging Trends in India's South Asia Policy" The foreign policy of a state is essentially understood as the way in which it interacts with other countries of the world. These externally directed policies are aimed at protecting a country's national int ...

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Was The Great War A Watershed ?

WORKING PAPER NВ° Mots clГ©s : Codes JEL : 1 Was the Great War a Watershed ? The economics of World War One in France Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur UniversitГ© de Paris I PanthГ©on-Sorbonne (Matisse) and DELTA (joint research unit CNRS-EHESS-EN ...

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Was The Irish Civil War A В‘Natural' Conclusion To The Events Of Previous Years?

Was the Irish Civil War a В‘natural' conclusion to the events of previous years? Some historians will say that the Civil War was a В‘natural' conclusion to the activities of the previous year others will disagree. This essay will take the line t ...

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Was The Weimar Republic Doomed From It’S Very Beginning?

In 1918 the German people were shattered by the unexpected defeat in the first world war. As the war ended, the Kaiser abdicated and early in 1919 Germany’s politicians drew up there democratic constitution. Many saw it as doomed from the start with ...

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