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War In Iraq

Rush to War The tragedies of lost lives and the terrorized minds of war veterans have opened our eyes to the extraordinary cost of going to war. President Bush's desire to rid the dictatorship of Sadaam Hussein by sending American troops into harms w ...

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War In The Modern World

War in the Modern World War has fascinated the minds of the greats throughout history. Its concepts and understandings have been passed on to us through the few surviving works of those, whose lives were touched by war, in an ancient archive. Some sa ...

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War Lessons

War: Then and Now By: The most dramatic lesson learned in Vietnam was not over seas, it was right here in the United States. That lesson was that people have the right to challenge the government's righ ...

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War Of 1812

The War of 1812 was a war between Britain and the United States fought primarily in Upper Canada. It had many causes, few which involved British North America. The results of the war include the fact that there was no clear winner or loser among them. ...

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War On Terror

War on Terror A brief history Our history of the War on Terror begins on September 11th, 2001, in the hours following the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The US responded to the attack through War on terror. The motivation fo ...

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War Posters

20th Century Poster Propaganda and Graphic Designers Propaganda has been utilized throughout history as a way to influence the way people think. According to the American Heritage dictionary, propaganda is defined as, the systematic propagation of ...

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War Trials Japan

Wahat was the diffeence between tokyo war trial in 1945 and in 2000 The first and the biggest difference between the 2000 Tokyo Tribunal and the 1946 - 1948 Tokyo war crimes tribunal is that during the latest tribunal the emperor Hirohito was himself a ...

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War Without Mercy

The author of this book is John W. Dower who is the Henry Luce Professor International Cooperation and Global Stability at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the author of Empire and Aftermath: Yoshida Shigeru and the Japanese Experience, an ...

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War World 2

After gaining power, Hitler aggressively built up the German military and in 1936, occupied the Rhineland, a formerly German area designated as a buffer zone to protect France. Britain and France were preoccupied with Italy's invasion of Ethiopia and made ...

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Warriors Of God

Warriors of God by James Reston Jr. is a non-fictional view of the third crusade. This particular crusade spanned from 1187-1192, containing many gruesome battles and a lot of intense moments between Islam and Christianity. Reston supplies the reader wi ...

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