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Balluga Whale Mating Theories (Aka John Starker'S Hot Whale Craving Bottom.)

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Autor:  anton  12 December 2010
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There are various attempted theories on why the specific methods of habitual mating in balluga whales making their homes in trisodium based circular waters are so extremely violent and shocking to observers. As I said these are attempted theories, and so I have brought you the final conclusion after having watched and actively participated in these exotic interspecies mating rituals myself.

It took a very long time for my behind to accustom its peculiarly small opening to the large voluminous atrocities that these sea creatures were in a sense packing very violently into my special cavity. But by the end of the entire adventure of months upon months of whale jackhammers entering my anus and rubbing against my sensitive prostate areas I craved more and more of them, in every hole I had. It was multi-orgasmic from the first moment to the last. I never knew a man could produce so much semen at such a constant rate. I could swear with all of the hot goo I myself was ejecting into the waters surrounding me, not even accounting for all of the whales' substances I was regurgitating from the speed and force of the flow bursting through my intestines up through my stomach and out my mouth, the protein levels in the unnaturally large pond must have raised by at least 1000 percent or so. After a hard day's work the water was more of a jelly really. But the spiritual heights that I protruded through these experiences changed my mindset on the afterlife and purposes of souls in this ever so confusing world. Through the whales, I glimpsed the total viceous drive that lies at the very core of every animal capable of reproduction. In the morning when I wake, ready to start anew I get a throbbing so very deep up inside my ass, like a craving for a huge fist to punch into it, hard, so very hard. And it aches, so terribly it aches. I feel as if I could die if I cannot

stuff all of the sea creatures length at a bruising thrust up inside of my soft inner organs. It has gotten to such a craving that I need to, in addition to being intruded from behind, stuff at least two more whale members, prehensile and independently

intelligent, shooting hot salty semen down my throat and my nose. And I immediately ejaculate blood and peices of my own flesh with the intenssity of the experiences day after day.

In conclusion, the whales, and any participants in their constant sexual persuance and ferocious lifestyle, become all too quickly lost and addicted to the vibrant new levels of pleasure and pain peaking beautifully in a cascade of revolutionized ideas and emitted fluids. And perish soforth in this manner.

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