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Cliff's Poem : The Parting Shot

The single, most dominant impression of the poem is death. It is the miserable reality of death and war, we are introduce to.

The dramatic situation of the poem is a funeral, in which all attend to memorise the five who lost their lives. We are told how their friend, with a strong voice, speaks of them, and the deep, dark emotions that follow, as the tears roll down his cheeks. We see him speaking in line seven:

"and calls to his dead friends with his living breath"

The dark emotions are revealed in line ten to eleven:

"tears which fall from his face and bloom on his ironed green shirt like two dark wounds"

The tears here are representing his emotions and the dark wounds give us an exact impression of what these represent.

I believe the primary purpose of the poem is to provide insight. The speaker wants us to know what the soldiers went through. The speaker wants us to know of their loss and their pain. The speaker wants us to know and realise the reality of war. The pain and hurt of war, that we so often seem to forget. By that the speaker lets us in to their world of misery and loss, and shows us what grief they experienced.

The theme of this poem is war, and death. We can recognise this by the use of words within the poem, such as "dead" ( line 7), and "coffins"( line 2). As well as the word "ramrod"(line 5), and the "firing party"(line 3).

The speaker is speaking in third person, and is speaking to us, the audience. This is the poets method of bringing us an insight to their circumstances.

The kind of person speaking, is an observer, with an empathic personality. The mood of the speaker is emotional and sad, and is showing it to us from the point of view of those who have lost, as well as those who cause the loss( this being the soldiers ) . The atmosphere is also emotional. We are introduced to the loss they experience, and are thereby introduced to the pain and the hurt of the atmosphere in such circumstances.

The voice of the speaker is of a writer, who write the actions taking place and the atmosphere of the poem.

His attitude to the situation is negative, and sad. He states this in the very last line of the poem( line 12) : "Then the world swims and drowns in everyone elseВ‘s eyes too"

This is after introducing us to the dark feelings of the friend who is speaking of their memory. He ends the poem by stating that all present are sharing these feelings, thereby implying that such feeling are his own as well.

The poem is set outside :

"The ramrod straight, under the shade of a tree"( line 5)

The weapons are being placed underneath a tree before starting the ceremony of the funeral.

The time of the poem is occurring in the present, as we recognize words such as "now" and "then" and "are".

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