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What is the one skill that everybody uses but only a few have mastered? Give up, it's computer skills. We all need computer skills because technology is changing everyday. I chose this skill because everything is based around computers these days and mastering this skill can 01open many doors of opportunity for you. I feel that this skill is one of the most important skill you can have today. You may get job that may require you to upload and transfer information quickly by using different programs. Computers are wonderful things they can stored tons of information and all kinds of important documents.

Take a couple of minutes to look around you and see how many things are computerized. You may have took some of these things for granted, like you digital camera. You take pictures on it and download it on your computer. You have to have some kind of computer knowledge to do this. Most careers require you to have some kind of computer skills, the more computer skills you have the better chance you have to advance in your career.

Some of us may understand a little about word processor or maybe even about PowerPoint but do you know enough to get a job doing these skills. Word processor is a program that you type different information. Most jobs that are in an office setting require you to have some kind of computer skills. PowerPoint is also a good program to know how to use. You can use this program to help you make a presentation. This is a good stepping stone to help you advance your career. With this program skill you will also know the fundamentals of many others.

If you didn't have computer skills, you couldn't go to school online or even teach online. Every job you wants you to have so kind of computer skills, even if you just know how to get online that's a great skill. From there you can learn everything you need to learn about computers. Doctors and hospitals use computers to help diagnose patience.

Some companies will train you to help give you the computer skills you need, whether it be typing skills or spreadsheets. It would look better on you resume if you already had master these skills already. It is never to late to learn computer skills. No one wants to stay at dead end job forever.

You can use computer skills in everyday life ,when you are playing on the internet going from web site to web site. information will make it a lot easy but if you don't have any computer skills to think of you will as lost as lost can be. Back in the early eighty I would have never thought that you could go to school over the internet.

Technology is changing the world and computers are here to stay, we might as well get ready to sharpen up on our computer skills. The future is now and you don't want to be left behind.

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