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Computer Systems Scenarios

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Robert Stever

Assignment: Computer Systems Scenarios


Assignment: Computer Systems Scenarios

For the first scenario Sarah needs a medium machine. This machine should be able to perform everyday things such as run her accounting software as well as being Internet ready.

The specs should be similar to this(circa 2008): a CPU of 1.8GHz (AMD), with 512 MB of RAM, CD-RW drive, standard 17" CRT monitor, standard keyboard and mouse, and an ink-jet printer. Her computer will need the specs of handling a large user base so a software title such as Quicken. Or if on a budget the Open Source alternative, Moneydance. This software will help keep track of billing, store client histories, and bill customers electronically. If the flowershop is receiving a lot of traffic, it would be most useful to upgrade to a T1 line (fat pipe) to handle the extra bandwidth. Another useful tool would be a PDA or a laptop to synchronize the data when on the road.

In scenario 2, the SBI Corp. would benefit from purchasing laptops with the ability to support Wifi, as well as a nation wide wireless data plan available from most wireless retailers. This will allow employees to stay in the loop of changes in the business. The company should set up an ICQ server to allow instantaneous and secure data transmission between employees. SBI would also take great care to buy a server mainframe to keep track of all the customers as well as handle the website. IT Security should also be upgraded as well to protect from outside threats.

In scenario 3, with funds being the deciding factor the League should decide how much money they should use in this project. A standard computer(circa 2008) with a CPU of 1.8GHz (AMD), with 512 MB of RAM, CD-RW drive, standard 17" CRT monitor. Less memory should work bust the league should focus on performance. That way they should not have to replace the computers often. Another way to save money is instead of using expensive products such as MS Office Pro. Use alternatives that are fully compatible, such as OpenOffice. Outlook can be replaced with Mozilla Thunderbird as well. Not everything needs to have an MS logo stamped on it to make it worth the money. They should also use a database manager such as Quicken or Moneydance.

In scenario 4, John needs a computer that can handle the editing of audio and burning of cd's. A standard computer(circa 2008) with a CPU of 1.8GHz (AMD), with 512 MB of RAM, CD-RW drive, standard 17" CRT monitor will do just fine. To keep track of persona and professional finances, john should use Quicken or Moneydance. Quicken is especially useful in this scenario because it can connect with his bank. This will of course require his own Internet access, a high speed line should be used in this scenario. It is also important for John to look professional, he should invest some money in a website built by professionals.


University of Phoenix, IT 205 Management of Information Systems course materials: Appendix C

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