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Here is my report on the CSI, CSI Miami, Copycat, Se7en, and Bone Collector. I hope this report is correct. I tried to summarize all shows. I hope the summaries are short enough.

CSI- February 5, 2004 at 9pm-

It was the show about what appeared to be a vampire killing, and the thief of 10 million dollars from a casino vault. A teenage girl was found in an abandoned building drained of her blood. Her jugar vein was cut with puncture wounds that were 32mm apart. It can from fake vampire teeth. It turns out the she was killed by a man from the blood bank she donated blood at. He liked her, and she did not like him. He attacked her and left her for dead. The team collected trace evidence and secured the crime scene. They photographed everything and even went over it again. They did DNA test and looked for prints. They get DNA evidence from a vile on the man's neck because they believe it is from the dead girl. They know it is less that a week old, and she was not dead for a week. We also see the medical examiner do his job. This case used some of the techniques from the book. It is nice to see the theories in action.

The second case was about the staged robbery at a casino. An acting troop is hired to rob a casino because the owner is trying to commit insurance fraud. He has fake artifacts on the display in the hotel/casino. The bogus robber real crime is to go into the vault, and steal the 10 million dollars. We see the robber on camera, leave the hotel. We learn that the man was not heavy enough to leave with 10 million dollars because it would weigh 229 pounds. We also know the artifacts are fake because the materials are too fragile , and they are made of modern materials. The hotel owner had an insurance policy to cover the 10 million dollars. He thought he was in the clear until Grissom told him that his report would contain his theory that the robbery was staged and the money was never in the vault. That meant he would not get any money back. We see them doing test on the artifacts to see what they are made of. We learn that the bogus robber got out of the safe by learning the vault combination by listening to sound. Physical evidence plays an important role in this case because the case is solved by it. Computers were also important because diagrams were made. This show allows the people in the class to see everything we have studied in action.

CSI Miami- April 4, 2004 10pm-

A woman was discovered never death at the medical examiners office. She was thought to be dead. They learned from the evidence in her purse that she was a rape victim. She had a switchblade knife and pepper spray. She had been raped in Georgia, and her testimony kept her attacker in jail. He was having a parole hearing, and he did not want her to show. He used a former juror from his trial to lure the girl to a construction site of a condo. He blackmailed a married guard (he saw the guard having an affair with an inmates girlfriend) into going there to attack her or do something to keep her from the hearing. They had a few days to get the evidence together to transfer custody to Florida where the crime was committed. He just knew he would not get caught because he thought she was dead. The team got the evidence on time because everyone involved confessed. They used trace evidence from soil. The soil came from the prison in Georgia because it had trace of Vidalia onions. The boot prints that were photographed at the crime scene were issued to people that worked for the prison. We see them secure the scene and photograph evidence before it was moved. Evidence was found on the ceiling. They determine the attackers height because the wood 2x4 hit the ceiling. The show's ending was great because the computer was able to match the sounds heard on the 911 tape when the victim's cell phone and the attacker hearing aid came in contact with each other. The rapist got a life sentence without parole for his part of the attack. CSI and CSI Miami relate to this class because you see the theories and procedures studied in action.


Helen Hudson is a psychologist that specializes in profiling serial killers and a celebrity on the lecture circuit, until she is attacked by escaped serial killer Daryll Lee Cullum following one of her lectures. Thirteen months later the experience had left her an emotional wreck, suffering from agoraphobia that she is unable to leave her apartment. The police are able to persuade her to lend her expertise to find a new serial killer. He is modeling the Boston Strangler, Son of Sam, Jeffrey Dahmer and the Hillside Stranglers. He draws Hudson into the case because he knows she is on his trail. The killer develops a fixation with her, and he wants replicate what Daryll Lee Cullum did to her thirteen months earlier. Monahan and Ruben get Hudson's help in the case. Mary Jane Monahan has a problem in the police station when a prisoner takes a gun and shoots her partner because she is too slow react. The killer takes Hudson to the lecture hall, and replicates the crime but this time she faces her fears and runs to the roof. The killer comes for her after her kills an officer and tries to kill Monahan. Monahan shoots him several times to make sure he is dead before he can shoot Hudson. I think I would have wanted Hudson to kill the serial killer. It would have shown Helen to be strong. I think it was a suspenseful movie. But, the movie ending was great. Hudson got over her fears and went outside to run for here life. I would have shoot the killer. I could not run from my fear. I would have tried to deal with it. The ending did make sense for what the director was going for, but I hate seeing weak women.


Detective William Somerset is seven days from retirement. He wants to leave the city for a quiet life in the country. He is training his new replacement. A young, cocky man named Detective David Mills. During this week, crimes are committed based on the seven deadly sins. The sins are gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, wrath, pride, and lust. He kills a lawyer, an obese man, prostitute, and Detective Mill's wife. The detectives go on a desperate search for John Doe, the killer. John Doe is on a mission to complete the last two of seven deadly sins they are envy and wrath. The man turns himself into the police. He takes them to the final two bodies. They are Detective Mill's wife and unborn child. He spends the car ride getting in Mill's head. They arrive at the location when a delivery truck arrives with a package. It turns out to be Mill's wife. She was going to have an abortion, and he kills her. John Doe says he envy's Mills. Mills ask Somerset if it is his wife. He can see the answer on his face. Somerset also knew she was pregnant. Mills starts pacing, and he gives into wrath. John Doe gets what he wants in the end. The movie ends with Somerset retiring, and Mills going for a ride in a police car. I would have liked the movie to end with Mills arresting John Doe, and I did not want him to kill John Doe. The ending was great, but I think John Doe being wrong would have been interesting. I would not have killed the man because I could not give him what he wanted. I think jail would have been a better place for him.

Bone Collector-

The movie is about Lincoln Rhyme, a New York detective specializing in forensics and criminology. He is injuried in the line of duty when a steel beam falls on his back. He is bed bound due to the accident. He is ready to commit suicide when a case falls into his lap along with a young cop with lots of potential. She is running from her past and he is running from his future. Amelia Donaghy is on her way to a nice desk job when she finds the first of a series of dead bodies. The killer has left four clues in unsolved cases. Amelia acts as Rhyme's eyes and ears. Bone Collector is a book that the killer is using as a model. He kills a rich man and his wife, a male college student, a grandfather and his granddaughter. They are able to save the little girl. Each crime scene leaves clues to the next murder. The last crime scene is at Rhyme's house. Richard is the man that checks Rhyme's monitor machines. He kills his nurse and the evil captain. Rhyme fights the man off by making the bed fall on his hands and biting Richard in the neck. Richard is angry because he was a dirty cop that planted evidence, and Rhyme's opinion on the case put him in jail for six years. Donaghy is able to figure out that Rhyme is the next victim because the subway has his badge number. She kills the man before he can kill Rhyme. It ends with Rhyme living life and not wanting to die. He opens himself up to people. He is having Christmas at home, and his sister comes for a visit as a surprise. I actually liked the way the movie ended because he wanted to live. I wish the killer was not out for revenge. I would have handled the situation in the same way. I think the killer had to die. Jail made him crazy.

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