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Most every individual becomes excited near his or her sixteenth birthday for one reasonВ…the reward of a license! Parents become fearful for that day, friends are excited for that day, and the lucky person receiving the license is anxious and ready to go! However, once an adolescent is awarded with their license it mainly means one thing: everything the person has learned about "safe" driving and being courteous of other drivers is basically out the window! Every driver's education written test they have passed with book knowledge, all of the driving test they have passed with practice, all of the little lessons with dad on an old country road, and the countless times they have just watched, so they could learn from others, are worthless now. Now, that student gets to make his or her own choices about where to go and how to drive. There are many bad habits that come into effect once a license is handed out to all, big or small! Some bad driving habits may include: talking on a cellular phone while driving, applying make-up is another one that is hopefully only related to the girls, and lastly, driving while intoxicated.

Let me go into further detail about talking on a cellular phone while driving. It does not matter if you are young or old, cell phones have now become an issue for all. The major problem with talking on a cell phone is that the person becomes so interested in the phone conversation that he or she forgets that they are driving or they just choose not to pay attention. People don't realize that they are not only driving for themselves in this world today. They have to make sure that they are "driving" for the other people on the road. You have to be cautious at all times, and it is not always possible when you are busy doing other things. Maybe everyone can just agree to get a head-set, which does not completely solve the problem, but it does attempt to make it better because at least your hands are free then!

The second bad driving habit would be directed to the girls. Trying to apply your make-up while you are driving is just stupid! We now face the issue of not paying attention and more importantly, you could get injured. If you happened to get into a car accident when you are putting on eyeliner, you could poke your eye out. I know for sure that when a young lady or older woman is applying make-up they don't think that something like that would happen; in reality when women get into car accidents and happen to be applying make-up right before the collision, the woman receives more serious injuries. All in all, it would be safer and easier to just wake up a little bit earlier to put on your "face", or perhaps you could just not wear any at all! Although, I realize that a girl would not go without make-up, even to Wal-Mart!

Lastly, the issue of drunk driving comes to mind. Drinking is a waste of time and money, so why people do drink is beyond me. I realize that every being has his or her own opinion about it, and with that being said, let us move onto the driving part of this bad habit. If you are going to drink, at least have a "designated Dave" wherever you are just incase you feel the need to go somewhere. Another good idea would be to turn in your keys and not be able to leave the party. These are easy things that no one thinks of to keep our roads safe.

Driving intoxicated leads to so many other things. What if you get into a car accident? You are now not only faced with drinking, since most of the teenagers participating in drinking are underage, the individual is also faced with insurance settlements and on top of that maybe even a death. None of that sounds fun to me, but everyone who decides to get into a car after or during the drinking process is putting themselves, not to mention everyone else, at risk.

There are many other bad driving habits, but talking on a cellular phone, application of make-up and drinking are the few that are most common. All of these bad driving habits are a problem, mainly because your focus on the road is disturbed, and also you are not prepared for anything that comes your way. Perhaps one day people will realize that you have to pay attention, and with obstacles like these bad driving habits, it becomes almost impossible!

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