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Essay On Child Abuse

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In the article that I read in the Wichita Eagle that is titled "Boyfriends, babies often mix poorly" by Mark McCormick, it talks about a 23 yr. old woman who has a 3-year-old son and what happened when she decided to move in with her boyfriend who is not the father of her son. It talked about why these two young people are charged with felony child abuse and the woman's son is in the hospital at Via Christi Regional Medical Center-St. Francis Campus being treated for first-degree burns that happened to him about a week ago. The reason why this article caught my eye is because of the child abuse that was done to this child.

Also in the article he talked about all the child abuse cases in Kansas and within a year we average around 1,800 cases. Most of these cases involve a boyfriend abusing a child that is not theirs. They go on to talk about other cases involving the boyfriend hurting or even killing the child. In most cases they are not mature enough to handle the child and when the child starts to cry they don't know how to handle the child, and ends up hurting the child. In the article the author interviewed the district attorney Nola Foulston and asked her opinion on what she thought was the cause of so many boyfriends abusing these women's children. She said that, "They put the relationship ahead of their kids", and that is why the woman are not there for the children to protect them because there to worried about the boyfriend.

In the article he also talked to a staff supervisor at the harbor house, which is a domestic violence shelter. She said that when women have young boys they sometimes feel that there son may need a father figure that is why they feel they need a man in there life. The reason why most of the time the woman stay with these abusive men that hurt them with there child is because they can't afford to go anywhere else. These men are taking care of them financially and they are scared to try to do it on there own.

When it comes to child abuse I think that it is a very wrong thing to ever do to a child. The thing that really does upset me is when a woman gets with a man and starts to put that man before her child. The child did not ask to be here and the woman is the one who made this child so she should make sure that she is doing everything in her power to provide and take care of the child. Too many woman today move in with a man before they really get to know him. Before the woman gets ready to move in with a man when she has a child, she needs to first get to know the man. Know his background because you never know what type of man you are really bringing around your child. The woman needs to also let the man know that her child comes first and no matter what happens between them that is how it is going to be.

In most of the cases these woman just need to know that they do not need a man in there life for them to be happy. Just because the package looks good doesn't mean that there is something good inside it. He may look like the right man and say all the right things but that does not mean that he will treat you and your kid's right. There are signs a woman can see when the man is not treating her child right. They need to look at them and react to them by getting out before something serious happens to their child like it did to this child in this article. I have seen that when the child does not like the man there mother is with there is usually a real good reason why. Mothers should start listening to the child to make sure that something like this does not happen to them and there child.

This article talks a lot about ethics because some people believe that it is ok to hit your child when they are disciplining them, which I was brought up to believe that. I was in a family that got spankings when we did something wrong sometimes. To often people mix up corrective training with abuse when it comes to something affecting your child's safety then you need to take a good look at it and think to yourself if this was done to me would I think it was just a little hit or abuse. When mothers do decide to date and get a boyfriend, they need to make sure that when it comes to disciplining there child that they are doing it. Making sure they are not letting there boyfriend do the job that they are supposed to be doing because they are that child's parent and her boyfriend is not. You see I understand this article very well because I grew up with a mother who had many boyfriends and majority of her boyfriends she brought around us before she really knew them and plenty of them she should have never brought around her children. She didn't even really know them and they could have hurt us really bad. She may or may not have done anything because she was so in love and dependent on this man. That is why I think that this is an article that every single mother should read before dating a man and especially the real young mothers out there.

The article is a really touching one because it opens peoples' eyes to a subject that a lot of women don't think about. They don't think about the men that they bring around there children and the type of man they decide to move in with and how that effects there child. I think that everyone should do a full out background check on every man when they get ready to move in with him. When you are with a man that is not your child's father you need to bring him around the child first so you can see how he treats your child. Then you may be able to get a feel for how he may treat your child when you are not there. Women need to remember that this man is not the father of your child and therefore he does not feel for the child like you do. Go as far as you have to when it comes to insuring the safety of your child. When Nola Foulston said in the article that "These girls can't do it on their own, and they get hooked up with the wrong people". Every woman should know that this statement is untrue because you can make it on your own and you do not need a man there to help you out. You can hold your own and in return you make sure that your child never has to worry about another man hurting them or doing anything to them that they shouldn't be doing.

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