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What To Expect From A Military Nco

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What You Can Expect From Me as an NCO

As a Non-commissioned Officer you can expect me to be a professional leader dedicated to taking care of soldiers, the mission, and the army way of life. You can expect me to use Army Regulations, Technical Manuals, and direct orders from my superiors as my guidance on what actions to take in each situation faced whether tactical or technical. I will not be afraid to make sound and timely decisions in the absence of my leadership's orders. When left in charge I will take charge.

My leadership can expect a top tier performer who strives to be one of the most competent Non-commissioned Officer's within the unit. I will do this by adhering to the regulations, unit sop's and any other guidance which governs my section. I will ensure my soldiers do the same, holding them to strict but attainable standards and expecting nothing less. I will teach, coach, counsel, and mentor these soldiers-teaching them what a leader is and grooming them to be leaders also.

My peers can expect a trustworthy co-worker, who will help hold them up when they are down and embrace them when they are up. I will be understanding and considerate when dealing with my peers ensuring not to step into their areas of responsibility without cause. I will give them advice and instruction in areas they are not as strong in and lending help to their sections when the mission dictates a need for it. When they are out of the office I will take care of their soldiers and sections as if they are my own.

My soldiers can expect a leader who is caring, compassionate and stern. I will take care of their needs t all times, ensuring that their personal issues are taking care of, enabling them to focus on performing their job to standard, as well as basic soldiering. I will reward them when they do well and discipline them when they are wrong.

In all my leadership, peers, and soldiers can expect a sound and just leader who has a genuine concern for others, the mission and the overall welfare of the Army.

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