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On a summer day in September a stunned Janecek, 61, received a call from her doctor with test results from her routine colonoscopy. The doctor had told her that she had intestinal cancer and she was in shock, because prior to that she had been successfully treated for intestinal cancer. She ended up having surgery and they removed about two feet of her small and large intestines. As time went on after the surgery she wasn't feeling right and was having severe to moderate pains she was beginning to wonder if they had gotten all the cancer. When she went back for her six-week checkup she was informed by her physician that there may have been a contamination with her specimen, and that she didn't have the cancer after all. The originating doctor questioned the lab work but they never found an error and so she ended up suing the hospital for their negligence and won, but to this day she still suffers from abdominal pains and other digestive problems.

Some people think of medical errors as the wrong organ removed or they were prescribed the wrong drug. The fact is that there are tens of millions of blood samples, biopsies and tissue specimens every year where they have been mislabeled or interpreted wrong. It has been estimated each year that in the U.S. that more than 2.9 million errors occur. These errors can cause thousands and millions of deaths or harm each year, but still it is inevitable that people are going to make mistakes, but they should be looked over by more than one person before the doctor issues a treatment plan.

Elaine Thomas, 42, was also a victim of being misdiagnosed she had a mammogram done at a local hospital in July of 2002. She never heard any news from the doctor or received a letter in the mail so she figured no news was better than any news. In May, 2004 she had felt a lump under her left breast, so she scheduled an appointment with the doctor that day. The doctor had redone a mammogram and found a clear and visible image of the cancer. She is the daughter of a surgeon so she knew that she would need to have other opinions from other radiologists. After she had seen two others they all determined that she needed immediate treatment. She was also told that the previous mammogram showed the earlier stage of the cancer and had been misdiagnosed and misread. She ended up having surgery and 35 radiation treatments and is now cancer-free. The imaging tools are there to help in the diagnosing of patients but mistakes do happen just like in the previous case. Therefore, patients may be harmed or worse the results not being diagnosed correctly could lead to possible death.

I feel that doctors sometimes get in to big of a hurry or that they sometimes don't really take patients to serious and may hinder their decisions in making correct diagnosis. I feel that there should be steps taken within the medical facilities to help ensure proper measures are being taken to diagnose these patients correctly. If doctors, lab technicians and others just take the time to double check their work and maybe even have someone else go over their charts and tests I think that there could be less mistakes.

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