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Homeschooling Vs Public Schools

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In just seven years, the number of kids who are being home schooled increased from 340,000 kids to 1.7 million kids. But what about the 47.2 million other kids that are enrolled in public schools? Public schools offer kids opportunities to cooperate and communicate with each other and become ready for the real world. Some home schooled kids are even sent to a public high school for the last few years of their K-12 education so that they accommodate to the class lifestyle they would experience in college and further. Public schooling is critical and demanding, which is necessary to experience in the real world; home schooling is easy going and less intense because of its environment and this will be unfavorable to the kidsВЎВЇ future.

Home schooling has only been in existence for 150 years whereas the public schools have been active for 360 years and counting. With more stability and experience, the public schools have more to offer because they know what they are doing because they have professionals and courses that are fit for the success of all the students. Because home schooling is so new, it is hard to decipher how it truly works. Because the parents are inexperienced, they would not be able to successfully grab their studentsВЎВЇ attentions because of the lack of focus most students face when in a home environment. However there are some similarities in the courses taught in home schooling. Home schooling works in two different ways. The first provides the child with a focus on a subject that particularly interests him and the other is to have a general course such as the one a public school would provide. Although the general courses are the same, the mind of the student will develop in totally different ways.

Research shows that home schooled children do better in college than kids who went to public schools because of their disciplined mind. However the minds of the students who attended public schools offer something more valuable in life, communication skills. Because these students have been around a lot of interaction and communication, it is no wonder that the public school kids will be more skilled in this area. As the novel The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell explains why ВЎВ°It is not what you know, it is who you knowВЎВ±, it is clear how intellectual abilities are not everything in life.

In public schools, the mind is developed not only educationally, but also socially. The activities and interactions public schools provide are important for a young person to experience. Many kids actually look forward to going to school because they meet new people everyday and interact with their friends daily. The food, rallies, and school football games are few of the many things that make public schools so great. It allows for students to show school spirit and eat greasy yet surprisingly tasty school food. At home the parents would most likely give their kids gourmet food that would probably deprive these kids of the essential junk food they need growing up. These kids probably wouldnВЎВЇt be in any outside activities because that would defy the whole purpose of home schooling, which is to keep these students close to home. Although these children would be able to converse with their parents, these children would not be able to enjoy their childhood. These children would mature too quickly for their own good and not be able to experience life as an actual child and they would have a hard time connecting with other kids their age. Home schooling brings about the intellectual side of the educational equation, but is that all a person needs to succeed in life?

To become a successful person in life, one must be the ВЎВ°whole packageВЎВ±. Not only does that person need to be intelligent, but he also needs the communication skills that public schools provide. Although the educational programs are similar, the ways in which the childrenВЎВЇs minds develop will be crucial to their future. If both options provide endless opportunities to learn, why not go with the one that will be able to offer both communication skills as well as intellectual growth?

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