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Human Resource Managers Today In The Army

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As Specialists within the Human Resources Management Field, we serve in many demanding positions, which allow us to make a positive difference and overcome numerous personnel challenges. The Army is currently undergoing numerous transformations causing personnel to feel insecure and uncertain about their future. However, what is certain is that the personnel systems will always change in order to meet the needs of the Soldiers and Combatant Commanders throughout the Army, but we must not forget the cost of change. In my view, when adjustments are implemented concerning personnel, systems, and guidance, we must continue to maintain a high moral and ethical responsibility to ensure the overall intent is met when performing AG functions throughout the Army.

Our Soldiers and their family members deserve the best personnel support possible. We cannot disregarded or overlook the level of service that is expected when a customer steps into our area of operation. By deliberate design, we are their only source of personnel problem resolution. As AG professionals, we possess the necessary tools to bring the Soldier’s anxiety to an end, and provide hope to those who require assistance. Therefore, we must understand the human spirit, and take in to account that the well being of family members is also vital to our forces readiness.

Adapting to change is one of the sticking points, which currently plagues the AG community. Military Personnel (MILPER) Messages are quickly posted and the information is available to the field almost instantaneously. Enablers, such as the S1 Net, HRC Home Pages, and local communities at all installations ensure the guidance is posted and quickly circulated throughout the Army. However, the changes are only temporary until the regulation can be updated. For the Warriors who do not understand the intricacies of the personnel system, the information and impact become diluted and confusing. Until the updated information is entered into a new the regulation, Soldiers often refer to guidance that is incorrect and does not assist them in resolving their problems in a timely manner. Another issue that is affecting our AG community is accountability and responsibility. We are failing to hold our junior Soldiers, Warrant Officers, and Officers accountable for the errors that they make. The utter disregard for accuracy, timeliness, and accountability has bled over to personnel records updating and keeping, strength reporting, and other numerous AG functions.

As AG professionals we must instill efficiency, timeliness and pride back into the products we produce. We must lead by example, adhere to the Army Values, and provide the best customer service possible at all times. We must never forget we are the foundation and our dedication greatly impacts our Soldier’s well-being as well as their lives.

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