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Management Skills and Qualities

Based on my placement experience at In The Bin Short Film Festival, I believe that there are a number of management skills and qualities which are important for the success of a career in the professional field of event management. I believe that the qualities of a good manager should always correspond with the four functions of management, those being planning, organising, influencing and controlling (Mead, 2005). Most importantly I believe the manager of any organisation should be a good planner, with all plans reflecting the goals and objectives of the organisation. In regards to working with In The Bin short film festival, I have tried to reflect my work with three of the above four management skills and qualities. I have been a good planner, with all of my plans for In The Bin reflecting on the goals and objectives in which I have set down for myself to achieve. These goals and objectives all seek to satisfy with the overall mission of our organisation, which is

�To bring a unique cultural and educational experience to regions throughout Australia that will create wealth through knowledge, experience and exposure for all involved within the program’

All of my goals mentioned above will help me to continue to achieve this mission statement. Both of my Co-workers are also aware of the goals of our organisation and each of us all understand the significance of our role and contributions in which we make to In The Bin. By planning and setting goals, we are able to get a much more superior performance from ourselves and each other as we know why we are doing what we are doing as it is important to see and understand the purpose of our jobs. It is important for managers to possess great foresight so that they can perform strictly managerial functions well with the right aim in mind.

Another important quality of being a manager is the ability to organise resources in order to accomplish established plans. Resources may include employees, money, materials and capital. In any organisation, including In The Bin it is necessary to be able to bring the resources needed to the workplace to maximise efficiency and effectiveness. In regards to In The Bin, organising ideas on how to build on capital growth is of highest priority. New ideas on how to increase profits and capital growth are forever being brainstormed and put into action. We have also a new part time employee to work on sponsorship. All of the above contribute to In The Bin working towards achieving its goals.

As the manager of my own department, however with no employees under me, I cant really relate to the Influencing function but in regards to the professional field of event management as a whole I can understand that is this probably the function of management in which most people relate to. A manager should be able to lead and motivate their employees towards their required goals, they should also empower employees so that employees feel that they have the inner strength and ability to get the job done (Mead, 2005). I believe that in my situation, the influencing situation could also be related to communication skills. In order to be successful, communication between myself and my co – workers should be excellent so we can influence and motivate each other to reach department and organisational goals.

The final management function which is important for the success in a career in event management is control. This means that managers should consistently look over their operations, compare the outcomes and performance to what is required standard performance, correct any problems and seek to always improve and enhance the quality of work (Mead, 2005) It is my duty to foresee over my operations, and correct any problems and to constantly seek new ways to improve and enhance the quality of the festivals. I achieve this by double checking over everything, seeking feedback from people who have visited on of our festivals, and researching the competition and exploring new ideas to differentiate our film festival from the rest.

In regards to what skills are important for the success in a career in event management, it is important to understand exactly what �skills’ are. It can be said that skills are aspects of human behaviour that are learnt and improved with practice (Dale, 1998). Skills used at work need not to be learnt through formal education as they are the individuals personal abilities as applied to particular tasks. (Dale, 1998) Research for the Institute of Management ( Coulson & Coe, 1991) found the skills in which managers should poses include the ability to communicate, flexibility, adaptability, a broad perspective of organisational goals, a balanced perspective overall and an understanding of the business environment. It is said that managers should also have the ability to assume greater responsibility, contribute to teams, handle uncertainty and surprise, be aware of ethics and values and have a commitment to ongoing learning.

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