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Need For Speed

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The Need for Speed

In the streets of the major cities and all across the United States, there are people that are doing something illegal. It is called street racing. Most of the cars are imports but there are American cars to. There are different kinds of street racing but the most popular is drag racing. But know to the story. Four cars are revving their motors up, in the streets of Miami. They are about to start the race. Deion says, "you all want to race for big money". "Sure well do that", they all said. "Ok how does fifty grand sound", Deion said. "Ok, that sounds cool", Brian said. "Yea I'll do that", Jason said. "Sure", Josh said. So they decide to race for money. Deion is driving a Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Josh is driving a Nissan 240sx. Brian is driving a Nissan Skyline. And Jason is driving a Nissan 350z. This is one of the only races where you wont see a Honda Civic. The reason you always see those is because they are cheap and you can get every part for it. The reason its not in this race is because there is no way they have the guts to race in this race. And if some one does they'll have to wait till next week. They only race on Friday so there won't be so many cops.

They are ready to go know. The favorite is Brian in is Skyline. But you never know in street racing and with this much money on the line they'll do almost anything to win. The race is about to start they just have to get the word that there are no cops that know about it. Ok the word is they're going to start in a minute. Ok there starting now. And they're off. The skyline has an early lead but closely followed by the 240sx and the Impreza. The 350z didn't even get off the line something broke in it when he took off. The races are only a quarter-mile long. The skyline is starting to pull away more now. Brian is probably one of the best drivers out there right now. He has only lost one race and in that race he totally got messed his car up. Josh in his 240 hits the nitrous button and he speeds up and catches Brian. The only thing is he might have hit it to soon. Brian waits a little while and then he hits his, and he speeds away from everyone and wins the race.

At the finish line Brian is receiving his money. He hasn't lost a race in three years, since his first time racing. Most people think all they do is race but most of them all have jobs working on cars or doing something that has to deal with cars. Brian has his own shop. He works there 5 days a week and actually lives there to. He also has two other cars and there are a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII and a Mitsubishi Eclipse. He had a Mitsubishi 3000gt but it got impounded when he was running from the cops.

He used to live in Los Angelos but now he lives in Miami and that is where he does his racing now. No one has been able to beat him yet but there is talk of this kid that's coming up in the ranks that could beat him. He has Nissan 240sx. His name is David but they just call him D. He was poor when he was a child and has worked for everything he has now. His 240sx has never been beaten. Most of the time these cars are so similar that it is mostly the driver. They are supposed to race in two weeks. So well have to see how he does against Brian.

Two weeks later. The race is on for tonight. David and Brian are tuning their cars for the race tonight. David has a brand new fuel management system and Brian has all the stuff he always has. The both have other jobs working at car shops. David just bought him a Skyline but he doesn't have any after market parts for it yet. He wanted to have it to race tonight but he decided that he didn't want to. Because then the race would be really close.

It is two hours from race time and David has his car all tuned up and Brian has almost got his ready. One hour to race time and the drivers are starting to get a little nervous. Especially David, because he has never been in a race this big. Brian has been in races this big before but there is a lot of pressure because he is the best and the young kid thinks he can beat him. A lot of people are saying that David does have a chance to beat probably one of the best drivers the street racing has ever seen. If he does this will be a big upset. This will probably be the biggest upset ever. A lot of people want to see Brian against Dom because Dom was the best before he quit.

Race time has quickly approached. Brian and David have their cars on the starting line. Brian says to David, "are you ready for this young one?" David replies, "You don't know what's coming to you". " Ok whatever you say", Brian replies. Ok, they get in there cars and they are ready to race now. The crowd is going wild this is the biggest race the street racing fans have ever seen.

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