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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Before I can discuss my personal philosophy of nursing, I would need to describe what philosophy of nursing means. It is the love or pursuit of knowledge, with your own system of beliefs and concepts; and incorporating that while caring for the client. Health promotion is included, and it is the relationship between the nurse, in which we assist the client and family, to maintain health and promote well-being. While using, the person, environment, health, and nursing, as a guideline to achieve our ultimate goal. I will discuss my personal philosophy, and how these factors are used in everyday nursing with me.

First, I will describe what person, environment, health, and nursing mean. A person is a human being, and the recipient of care. The environment is the surroundings that influences us, and involves animate objects and inanimate objects. Health is the condition in which all functions of the mind and body are normally active; which includes the clients' wellness and illness issues. Nursing is the caring and nurturing of healthy and ill clients, and are the actions of the nurse while caring for the client. These are used in my everyday practice, and allow for me to support and promote adequate holistic client care.

In regards to person, I am a person centered nurse, and while caring for the client I treat them holistically. I allow the client to participate and input ideas into their care. While practicing, I am able to help the client fill some of their basic needs, such as physiologic needs, safety and security, belonging, and self esteem. I allow them to incorporate some of their personal life experiences, and alter my care based on those experiences. I approach them on a one to one aspect, and focus on assisting the client to obtain optimum health.

Looking at the environment, I focus on how their interaction with me, will impact their everyday life. Using, not only the internal; but also the external environment to help them with their care. Internally, I observe the clients emotional, and psychological behavior, and approach this with care. If needed, I will look for other resources, such as family, resource management, and involve the physician for appropriate care. Externally, I focus on this event, and how it will impact the clients' life. So I can help the client get through this particular experience.

Health depends on the value placed by the individual, and I assist them in obtaining homeostasis within the body, during my encounter with them. The client is explained that while our ultimate goal is health and wellness, we also have to deal with illness, and death. These are very important, and need to be approached appropriately as to not offend the client.

Nursing, is what I do for the client. It is the most important part while interacting with the client. Encouraging the client to prevent illness, maintain or regain health, and increase knowledge; by education. Several of the roles that I have include advocate, primary care provider, educator, and communicator.

So in caring for my clients, I include person, environment, health, and nursing on a daily basis, and help the client to restore, support, and promote care. My ultimate goal and responsibility, is for my clients to understand that their part in this relationship, is just as important as mine. And in order for them to feel that way, I do my best to take care of all of them, as if they were part of my family. Nursing is what I do, and I want to know that I am contributing positively into the lives of the clients that I have cared for.

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